Crazy How Life Works

So a beautiful Ethiopian man used to come to my old club which is where I met him. I met him one day when I was new there and having a horrible night. The club was packed wall to wall and I just didn’t get what was happening. It was one of those nights when I wasn’t feeling it, but I was still trying to hustle and the God’s were not believing my false ambition. So luckily I brought my own wine to keep me company since NO ONE was fucking with me and at the very end of the night I figured I might as well just talk to someone entertain myself.I saw a cute looking man by the bar so I walked up to him and waited for him to talk to me since I’d had my share of rejection that night. He was a sweet mid 30’s Ethiopian man who was amazed by my beauty. For some reason I was feeling adventurous so I went to get Tacos with this guy. We were both very tired and I was still living at home at this point and was in no rush to get home. At this time I was talking to another man, but it didn’t seem too serious to me since he never spoke of committing in an entire year. I was very attracted to this guy and of course he was attracted to me, but I was getting annoyed and was ready to go after I got some sleep so we got a room and slept.

I had no desire to sleep with this guy and he was as gentlemen as he could be with a beautiful woman in his bed. After all  that I went home and I think he gave me some money or something. Then the next time he came to see me it was a similar scenario except I had a great night that time and he was just extra. I shouldn’t have hung out with him that time, but I was being greedy so we got some Vietnamese Pho and got a room to crash. I was totally giving him the cold shoulder and turned my back to him to sleep. Ever persistent he kept bothering me and which was really annoying me so he took a cold shower, put some money on the table and left. He never gives me enough money so I don’t really care about him that much, but he’s sweet so I deal with it sometimes. I’m also the “unavailable” one in the situation often.

Obviously he wants to date me for real and I don’t have time to crash into anybody right now. So I say alllllll that to say when he came to see me last night he was his same regular self. He told me he missed me a million times and we sat together for a while and I did some dances, but I didn’t want to dance so I only did a few. Then all of a sudden I saw him put something in his pocket that looked like a gold wedding band. He had that fumble as he got up to go to the restroom and I already made up in my mind that I was gonna ask him if he was married. So when he got back he sat down and talked about its crazy how crazy life us. He continued talking about how he’s been to as many funerals as he has weddings this year. I was sympathetic, because I know that’s what he wants right now. And I’m pretty sure he wants to settle down and have children. He takes care of his elderly parents and see’s what is really important and that’s family. I was still thinking in my head how I was going to as him about that thing that looked like a gold wedding band. Before I could even say anything he says “life has been crazy. Since the last time I saw you I got married.” I was little confused, because he gives off nothing but single vibes. He’s mentioned other women, but never put anyone on the same level as me. He then told me it was a marriage to get someone in the country and now she’s in Toronto with her real boyfriend who couldn’t get her in either.

After that my club closed and we went to a hookah lounge and had a little qt. I’m not that into him honestly I’ve seen his peen and I’m not too impressed. However this time I really did enjoy his company. I’m a single girl and I get lonely at this house by myself. After we left it was about 4:30 and I was restless. He wanted to spend more time, but I was ready to go so I went home so he took me back to my car and drove home. All the thing’s he’s saying sounded  nice, but marriage is marriage to me and before I believe what he’s I need receipts.

Talk to you guys later 🙂


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