What Happened To Me When I Worked 5 Days In A Row

Stripper Notes 33

Monday :

Monday is good day to work, but I wanted to spend some quality time with my good friend who is moving out of the country. We got Brazilian waxes, got a few lunches and chilled at my house.One of my regulars wanted me to come in,  but I wasn’t feeling it at all that night so I declined even though I need the money for this trip my health is more important.

After starting my work week out without working I felt the need to go harder.


Tuesday I wore my very short natural hair and I made good money and got fucking wasted. I was totally shit faced and I couldn’t even believe I was that drunk. Lots of great people were showing me love so I had a good vomit sandwich and went home with a bag full of money.


When I woke up I felt like shit. I had to pump my body with water and natural foods so I believe I went grocery shopping at Trader Joes to get food for the week which is giving me my life! I made salmon burgers, got fresh fruits and veggies, picked up my favorite grapefruit soda and a few more wonderful foods. I totally didn’t think I was going to drink at work, but my regular came  in to bless me and I had a few dranks. I think 2 drinks down from 8 is great progress lol.


This wasn’t such a great day, This was one of those days where you have to remember to be a smart girl and save your money. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t good at all oh and this is the day that man snatched my wig off my head is his drunken horny stupor LMAO! I was a little restless on Thursday, but I had to make up for this bad day so I knew I was going to work Friday.


So earlier in this day my little cousin and I went to get our nails and feet done so I knew I was going to be a little late to work. I didn’t feel like going, but at this point why stop now when the week is almost over, rent is due and I will be out of town for a week. By the time I left my little cousin’s house it was 9:15 and I usually arrive to work at 7-8:00. After I left her house I came home, made myself up, rolled a blunt and dipped. I actually only had a few glasses of white wine this night. I’m cutting back remember. This is the latest I’ve ever gotten to work and I knew they were gonna try me with the games. So when I got there they were talking about you have to pay house fees upfront before 10:00. I already know they didn’t expect me to have any coins, but I do so my access was granted. I didn’t make much money, but I did have great conversation with a few men and made a few decent coins for what time I came. After work I hung out with an old regular who adores me. He always shows me a good time and I love him for that. After work he took me to an African hookah lounge and had a few drinks. I was tired, but by this time my body was used to the hustle and bustle. I got home around 5:00 am and got some sleep.


OMG today is saturday and I’m so glad its over! I wore a curly wig today which was cute of course. My regular came in with a girl I worked with at a few other clubs and she’s beautiful and sweet so i was happy. We did a few dances and they left. I don’t care because I don’t have time to hang out with him and don’t want to. Honestly he likes the mystery. After he left I wanted to be done, but so many people were showing me love it would’ve been dumb. I only had two shots tonight and made great money so this was an amazing end to my week. I’m so happy I hit all my goals and can chill by the beach no worries 🙂

My body is very tired, but I ate good and clean this week and that kept my energy high!

Stripper Notes 33c

Thank Yall for reading there are so many more details I want to put in there. Podcast coming soon 🙂 

Stripper Notes 33b


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