My 10 Tips For Staying Motivated At Work and Optimizing Your Money As A Stripper

The most important thing to remember before you even begin to get ready for work is your GOALS. Focusing on goals at work can be distracting so I don’t recommend constantly having your exact goal in mind. At the same time work calculations and dances in your mind every moment you are at work so shoot for the moon so at least you’ll get to the stars. 

Tip #1set your weekly schedule every week.

-Get a journal and write down your scheule, expenses and goals. You will be handling cash and nothing is guaranteed so try to cut corners where ever you can. Cooking at home is my number 1 way of saving money.

Tip #2Get ready for work at home! You save so much time and mental clarity by getting ready at home.

– I used to come to work and try to get ready, but everyone is so inconsiderate to me that I just couldn’t do it anymore. Now I put on my makeup and hair at home so by the time I get to work I just slip out of my clothes, into an outfit and get out there on the floor.

Tip #3 –  Whatever your style is stick to it as long as it makes you feel confident and beautiful.

-Don’t listen to too much outside advice from others and take compliments matter of factly! While I am getting ready for work I pamper myself with a shower, nice soaps and oils to moisturizer my skin and find a wig that I’m feeling to wear or style my natural hair.

Tip #4Don’t be too eager with customers.

-When you approach a customer be slightly mysterious. Don’t give away every bit of your personality on the first sentence. In my experience the less you say the more the man tries to impress you. If a man isn’t interested at all he’ll let you know.

Tip #5- Don’t let a motherfucker waste your time. Remember this is work for you!

-You are there to assist the customers with having a good time, but if someone has been talking your ear off and you see other possible customers politely say “I’ll be right back” that may or may not be true. I wouldn’t care about a man who isn’t giving me money anyway girl these bills have to be paid and the night is short.

Tip #6If your club is basically empty and you are sitting with someone stay there!

-If he is buying you drinks even better. This is the time where you can enjoy conversation, be very nice to them if they are cool so sit and enjoy the company because I can’t stand being bored and you probably won’t like it either. Also if someone walks in and sees you that makes you look more appealing because you are taken.

Tip #7If you’ve been sitting with someone for 3 songs and you feel like they want dances, but haven’t spoken up just politely say “do you wanna dance the next song?” they should say yes and if they don’t walk away.

-I don’t give people the pleasure of my company if they are not spending money, because they know I don’t get naked for my health. Your money should always be on your mind.

Tip #8Never discuss how much money you make with other women.

-Everything in the strip club is competition for these women, but I will never tell them that because to them I am the ultimate competition. I am the ultimate competition because I know how to keep my business to myself and keep everyone wondering. Women at my club clearly know my body, mind, soul and everything is amazing so why would I willingly give them my faults to eat off of. I don’t even recommend making many friends in the strip club.

Tip #9Leave work at work!

-Yes you will have regulars and things of that nature, but don’t go home feeling bad about how much money you didn’t make or someone who got on your nerves. Leave all of that drama at work and enjoy life outside of the strip club while you are not there.

 Tip #10 Communicate with your customer!

-Don’t think that just because someone says or appears to have money is generous. Always get your money up from and make sure your customer wants each dance that you do. Never assume that someone wants you to keep dancing ALWAYS ASK! Don’t learn the hard way and waste your time with some random man feeling you up and not pay you. Your bouncer may or may not be able to get your money, but don’t rely on that.


I love all of you all for reading ang going on this journey with me! If you would like more of my tips and serets on things like my style and persona I always take requests!   I am here for you and you are here for me! I love you 🙂

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