Why Did This Man Pull My Wig Off SMH

wig off wig off b.gif

wig off c

So I wear wigs and also my real hair. On Tuesday I wore my natural hair in a naturally curly style. I have very short haircut that is growing out from a buzz cut in February. So that that. Most often I wear a wig tho and its cool with me. As you guys know my wig has fallen off before at the club I was working at that closed down. Now this particular time There were a few men trying to talk to me, but none of them were talking money which makes me not give a fuck, but I digress. There was this younger white guy who came in late and we were flirting with each other. It was time to go so I was wondering if he was going to give me any money and nah he mainly just had a drink and then it was time to go.

This man was very attracted to me and giving me compliments blah blah blah. He went on about how much he wanted to have sex with me and I was a little drunk so I was relaxed and I didn’t realizing him getting more aggressive. The next thing I know this man attempts to pull my hair and pulls it off LMAO. Girl I was like really? Did this man really just pull my wig off!? I cared, but not really. I just did a “OMG you pulled my wig off!” and then I put it back on lol. I guess I would care more if this guy was a regular money giver, but if someone isn’t giving me money then I don’t care too much about the situation. The group of men he was with comes to the strip club about 3-4 times a week and that’s kind of weird in and of itself. These men come to the strip club so much they get used to my strip club persona or whatever and I have a real life outside of here. I don’t have friends in the strip club because number one these bitches have too much baggage and number two these hoes run their mouths and can’t be trusted so I don’t need them all in my house and my business.

Thankfully I am only going to go to work today and tomorrow then I’m off to Miami for most of the week! This is why it’s very important to travel and treat yourself. Getting away from the bull shit is very necessary because its easy to get caught on the hamster wheel. Going somewhere different and getting your life by the each is very needed sometimes.

Thanks for reading 🙂 I love you all

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