This Is The Bull Shit I Be Talking About

I have tricked so many men while being a stripper and its funny because the same ones always come back and don’t even remember. Well this one man who a friend and I hung out with before saw me and fell in love with me all over again. This man also does mountains of blow and weed which is why he probably never remembers. Another reason he doesn’t remember is I refuse to tohave sex with him.

The first time a friend and I hung out with this man he gave us some money to hang out, we smoked up some of his weed and then he wanted to do some blow and that’s when it was time to go. There were only two men that time and we really didn’t hang too hard after I saw the blow. The next time we hung out it was his birthday and his friend was in love with my friend and this particular guy was in love with me so I was his company. There were also an asian man, and two other girls. So in total there were 2 white men, 1 asian man, 3 black girls and a white girl. My friend was wasted, so I was in charge of the situation and driving us back safely. Once we got to his house me and my friend got our money and entertained them a little bit by smoking up their weed. I saw the two other girls we getting naked and climbing in bed with this man and I was fine with that as long as they didn’t expect me and my friend to get naked and climb in bed. Once I saw these thotty ass hoes I left because it was only a matter of time before he thought I was gonna get naked and climb on him.

Now this man came in another day saying how beautiful I am and how he wanted to see me outside of here. He said there’s not that many people in here and asked me how much money I wanted to make tonight and he offered me half of that to give him a blow job and sleep with him LMAO. I laughed right in his face and said no. He kept asking me if I was sure and of course I was sure! He doesn’t know what the night had in store for me and he should try those fear tactics on other women because that shit doesn’t work with me.

No I’m not giving you a blow job

No I’m not giving you a little sex

If you are a woman who has sex for money please know you’re worth and don’t let these manipulators cut you the short end of the stick!


Thanks for reading! I love you all 🙂


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