The Wife Called Me – Texts Exposed

So yesterday at work wa lit once again. Everyone loves me and of course there will be those men who come in and pretend to be single. However there was one man who told me he was married and was infatuated with me and claimed he wanted to hook me up with his friend. His friend was very very handsome so I was slightly interested, but y’all know cash rules everything around me and he wasn’t speaking my exact language. All the while I was bouncing around from the stage to my regular who was just there to see me and a few other men trying to get my attention. Just to paint a picture all of these men are slightly handsome middle-aged white men and the friend of the married man was a 31 year old black man. We’ll call the honest married man Matt, the lying married man Brendon, my regular Ryan and the black guy Trey. The wife is just the wife because I don’t know her and I want to put dramatic emphasis on WIFE.


I immediately told Matt that I don’t date married men and he was like really? Lol that was a funny response to me like who the fuck expects someone to date married men. I guess being a stripper people just think all kinds of things about us. I have another story on that topic. Anyway Matt was like dang I shouldn’t have told you then lol smh just all horrible. He wanted me so bad, but I didn’t want to leave Ryan, because he was giving me guaranteed money. Matt was playing Trey up big time and he yes was very handsome, but I don’t need those problems right now and I could tell he’d be a problem for me lol. A smart chocolate man with perfect teeth and a good upbringing. I’m in for all of that, but I just can’t lol. Soooo on with the story. At the very end of the night two men came in and wanted to hang out so bad. I’m usually down, but I gotta have my cash. Give me a lil advance or something.  I’m not just gonna go ambitiously home with you. I need money upfront first so I can be in control and decide if I even want to stay.

He was offering me a couple of g’s and I couldn’t turn that down especially when he said he just wanted to hang out, but I wasn’t pressed because like I said he didn’t give me anything up front. Read these text messages between me and Brendon and see for yourself.


I did have kind of fishy feeling about this guy, but people have given me that type of money just to hang out before so I wasn’t that impressed. As you can see he was trying to be dominant and I really wasn’t feeling it so I just told him to call it a night.

Fast forward to this morning I’m getting a call early in the morning and something told me it was someone’s wife or a telemarketer lol. I missed one phone call and answered the next which was a different number and a white woman said something like “why have you been texting my husband?” I didn’t bullshit her I told her I’m a dancer and I didn’t know your husband was married. She said ok I appreciate that and hung up the phone. See the way I feel is I’m a woman and I might as well help her as much as I can because that’s what men do for each other. I wouldn’t recommend a woman go looking for trouble, but if I’m the trouble I’m going to help you out as much as possible. Her husband hadn’t given me any money so she wasn’t ruining anything for me.  Number one I don’t want your husband two I could make you looks stupid too, but I don’t have time for the petty games I’m grown. I could care less about any of this bull shit drama, which comes across in the texts. I was going to apologize just to make her feel a little better, but I did nothing wrong and she needs to reevaluate some things in her life.  She told me she used to be a dancer and she wanted to know where I worked and of course I wasn’t going to tell her that. Take a look at the text messages between The Wife and I.


This is the end of the story for me and I wish her well and I don’t give af about what her husband thinks  To all strippers and women who knowingly date married men please believe that karma is real. This woman is probably stressed out over this dumb ass man who I could care less about. And to you stupid as fuck married men who cheat on your wives. Why the fuck are you married if you want to be sinlge? If you want to be single then be fucking single, but don’t toy with someone’s emotions because you will have bad karma too bitch!

Ok thank you guys for reading and I love you so much 🙂


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