The Single Stripper

Stripper Notes 27I have a lot of women going through major changes in they’re lives of all ages. My little cousin is a well dressed scholar beginning college in a few weeks, I met a girl who is also starting college and going through a big break up, and lastly I have a friend ending a marriage with her best friend. I also feel like I’m ending a friendship with someone who I have been bestfriends with, but we are not married thank god 1000x. I’m not sure how bad I wanted our friendship to work, but I knew at the end that I was no longer going to force anything any longer. My anxiety has been very low and I may be able to attribute that to the relase of this friendship.

Making the choice to be 100% single is so new and exciting to me. I have felt liberated with this choice because I made the decision for myself to let go of whatever I feel is not serving me. At this time I have no relationships serving me so there for I am single. Since I have decided to be single I’ve been hit on at least a million times and that’s not even including the strip club which feels weird sometimes. Right now I am not engaging in sex with anybody and the sacrifice has been worth the energy I’ve been harvesting by not doing so. I’m actually not even ready for a relationship at this point in my life because number one I’m a stripper and I’m not going to be in a relationship with anyone who is ok with me stripping. I feel like someone who really wants the best for me and wants a happy life for me would put effort towards making my life better the same way I would for them. Here in America I havent met any men who truly think that way. Here that’s seen as gold digging lol WHATEVEVR. I also want to travel the world without ties to anyone so now is my opportunity to do so and not be questioned about why I’m always gone, who I’m with, what I’m doing and all of that drama. I’m also not going to be worried about what someone else is doing while I’m not around.

Next on my Single Girl Bucket List is a trip to Miami and I am going on that trip next week with my baby cousin and we are going to paint the town red doing everything!. I absolutely can’t wait. I am giving myself opportunities probably would not have taken if I were in a relationship or relied on my partner to go on these trips with me, but they are so much more fruitful alone or just with a companion traveler such as friends, family or like-minded travelers.

Being a single stripper is also amazing because I have no one telling me who I can and cannot hang out with, because I get paid for hanging out with people however a boyfriend would obviously not like this on a consistent basis. I do whatever I want, text who I want and talk to whoever I want. I’m 24 years old and what  I want out of life changes everyday so I like being in control of the direction.


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