Making Some Major Body Changes

Many of you who religiously read my blog know that just last year I only weighted 75 lbs at 5’7 due to high levels of stress and blah blah blah. Now a complete year later I am a healthy 110 lbs from major changes I’ve made in my life such as ending relationships, traveling and eating more and all of these things have been very effective.

You may be wondering how I got to such a low weight because I’ve always been thin, but never under 100 lbs. Mainly stress and anxiety removed my appetite for a very long period of time so those of you who have anxiety and loss of appettite please remember to at least eat fruits, veggies and drink plenty of water because most of the time this was the only thing I could eat without mysteriously bursting into tears for months and months.

Now that I’m feeling so much better I’m eating like a pig and drinking like a fish and I was so drained when I got back from San Diego my exercise regimen went to shit. I had high anxiety, no appetite so naturally i had low energy and all I was doing for fitness was a few laps in the pool a day which was refreshing and fine, but by day 5 I couldn’t even do as many laps as I could earlier in the week and that’s so not like me to be super winded from a few laps. I was also smoking a lot more and drinking alcohol daily and continued to do so when I got back to Atlanta and I found nothing wrong with this, but you better believe I do now. Some people see a problem with me smoking weed and not getting drunk and smoking cigarettes which just shows you how ass backwards this society is. I will not be discontinuing my weed smoking because I love it, it makes me feel awesome, it kills my anxiety and helps me sleep. Sometimes I go overboard but I’d rather have a weed hangover than an alcohol hangover because I’m feeling like shi right now from drinking too much alcohol last night.

I am now back on my regular workout routine, regular water drinking, regular park visits and just regular things that make me feel 100% amazing. I will post some pictures of what I use to work out which are just challenge pictures from pinterest. I love pinterest lol.

Omg I really feel like crap right now smh lol. I love the image of my body right now its the most comfortable I’ve been with my body image in years and this is also the most single I’ve ever been which may have a part to play. I would love to maintain my body this way so which is why I’m happy to be back on my regimen of fitness, health and most importantly I am back off of social media because fuck that shit its a waste of my life.

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