How I Maintain My Body As A Stripper Without The Use Of a Gym

So for me this was a weight gain journey. I have been on my weight gain journey since 2015 when I got to a low weight of 75 lbs and had to be hospitalized. I had to make some drastic changes and cuts from my life including people and actions. When people hear that I was depressed and had high anxiety most of them were shocked to death because I hide it very well and I appear to be a very happy and healthy person since I’m young and slim. People really began noticing something was wrong when none of my clothes fit and I was visibly sick and I hate for people to feel sorry for me so that’s probably what lit the fire under my ass to take care of myself and make some changes.

So I am a healthy eater and I am conscious of what I eat, but I knew if I wanted to gain weight I was going to have to get used to over indulging a little. Once I began letting go of feeling for food I ate almost everything and in huge portions lol. I actually felt very very proud of myself once I completed a large meal. My body was  banging at just 105 lbs! I worked damn hard for that 105 lbs too and I knew it. I was eating my ass off and gaining weight then I began to look at my body and notice that the weight was packing on, but I now I was ready to SCULPT my body which is no easy task so get your lazy ass up and work for it.

I knew absolutely nothing about working out when I first started. I was very self conscious of if my form was right, if I was getting results and if what I was doing was helping at all. For me I love working out because it spikes the shit out of my hunger so its more addictive for me. I also didn’t know many workout routines that I wanted to do because I really wasn’t into much cardio just resistance training. I turned to one of my favorite apps Pinterest. There is really no excuse to not be fit when you can download a free app that has unlimited challenges and fitness routines of all kinds. In my case I wanted a squat challenge and here is my holy grail booty grower.

Remember to always stretch before and after any workout. 

All of my workouts are done at the park or in my home. No gym needed 


squat challenge

This is a challenge I did for 2 months straight and I honestly didn’t see results until the 2nd month which is what kept me going. I also had more energy than I’ve ever had in my life. After each workout I was fully prepared to go another round and often times I did. If you are looking at these numbers and you are intimidated then start off as slow as you want, but honey you have to push yourself if you want to see any results and working out is actually very fun for me. When you begin to see results you will want to continue. Remember to drink at least 1 liter of water a day also.

After I grew tired of this challenge I wanted to try something new so this is the new challenge I tried.

butt lift challenge

I had a lot of fun with this challenge, but I did not complete it. I think it was too much floor work for me or maybe I’m just making excuses idk. Before I went to San Diego and while I was there I was swimming a lot and I’m not sure if that’s my favorite workout, but it sure is fun! Swimming gets my heart rate going without me even noticing because I’m surrounded by water. I’m going to take runs on the beach when I get to Miami because that sounds so relaxing to me. Since my eating ad fitness was disturbed I’ve been eating anything to pack the weight back on and also not exercising at all except work which I totally don’t consider working out lol. I love my butt and thighs and that’s what I would love to maintain, but more importantly I love my flat tummy and I’ve taken her for granted for so long until recently. I’ve been stuffing my face around the clock and while its done wonders for my butt it has done nothing at all for my tummy. I get the worst food babies and they usually go away by the next day, but I’m not even trying to have a food baby in the first place. This may sound vain to you, but its my body and I know how I like it. With that being said I will now be doing the challenge below.

summer ab challenge

I’m excited for this challenge because I’ve never done this many crunches in my life and I am really going to be pushing myself like never before. The results will be killer and I could take pictures of before and after, but you guys would probably kill me because I already hae a flat stomach it’s just fat flat and not muscle. I will still document and take pictures though. I haven’t worked out in about a month and I’ve been drinking and smoking heavily so I will be conditioning for at least a week by running a few laps to get my heart healthier and cleanse my body of whatever is crazy shit is built up in there.

I would love you guys to join this challenge with me and tell me what your goals are!

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