Stripping On Your Period

On average a woman gets a period ever 28 days give or take so at some point I have to either take some time off of work or deal with it. Most of the time I deal with it because I have fairly light periods and I also used to spot in between periods sometimes so I definitely wasn’t missing work for a little spotting. I also haven’t had a full on 3-5 day regular flow period in years until last month and this month. I know in high school I used to get crazy painful cramps and everything like that, but I don’t remember having bad cramps like this since I was 21. I knew my period was coming because every time my period is coming my boobs get huge and my hunger spikes. So this morning Aunt Flo came to town full on with cramps and all. I’ve drunk ginger tea and for cramps and it usually works. I immediately woke up and made my tea and the tea wasn’t working this time for me and I took some prescription ibuprofen I had from when I got the flu. This ibeprophen isn’t doing the job for me and I’m gonna need something a little stronger. I don’t think I’ll be drinking and alcohol tonight because that sounds like a train wreck. I also smoked a little weed and maybe that’s helping because I’m feeling better thank goodness. I’m going to have to eat not so trashy today and drink plenty of water.


There Will Be Blood. 

Stripper Notes 24b.jpg

So of course you will have to wear a tampon and remember to clean your hand each time before you remove it. Now I change my tampon depending on the flow and I usually have a light flow so I can get away with a little more time, but not this month. So before you insert the tampon the string should be removed and you can either cut it off or hold a flame under it and burn it off both ways work perfectly. Insert the tampon and I use a wipe to push it further and don’t worry it won’t get lost and if it does it can be found lol. Always bend over and make sure nothing is showing. To remove the tampon just insert your fingers into your vagina and it shouldn’t be deeper than an inch. As my tampon fills up it usually comes forward and slides out easier.

I feel like wearing black may be my best bet tonight. The other night I was wearing white and I thought my period had started.

After my tampon is in I dance a little in te mirror to make sure everything looks cool. When I’m dancing on my period I usually leave my bottoms on as much as I can unless someone is spending lots of money they are staying on. If you are a person who fears smells on your period then that make speak to your hygiene. A good tip that will quickly remove vaginal oder is soaking a tampon in raw apple cider vinegar and water to restore the ph levels in your vagina. Do this for a few days, drink plenty of water and eat a little healthier and you should appreciate the results. Right now the pain level of my cramps have GREATLY gone down thank goodness. I’m just going to keep on with what I did earlier all day. I have to get some exercise in, and still be to work BEFORE 7:00 pm so that I only have to pay $30 and not $55. I think I’ll run a few errands and get ready for work at 3:00 pm. I’m expecting lots of fun tonight.



  1. strippingandothernakedtruths · August 4, 2016

    A pro for dancing on your period is your boobs look amazing lol!

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