Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone If You Want To Grow

Last night was another epic fail at my club. There were a few people in there, but way too many girls to divide the pie. Now that the club has implemented all these rules technically making us employees they are being more strict on house fees. I’ve never even been one to not pay my house fees unless I really don’t have it. Leaving work after working hard for hours and exhausting myself only to go home with nothing and have the club tell me that I owe them is not a go for me so to me this is a sign that it is once again time to grow. Growing is always a bumpy experience, but I always get through it so now is no different. It’s really sinking in to me that I’m an adult and my time is valuable so being somewhere where I should make a few hundred dollars a night and not making anything is not ok for me. 

Being in a new place gives me new motivation or something. I don’t like to take no for an answer and I like to show that this small woman can and does hold her own. I’m always and forever planning big things for my life and this is not something that I will let hold me back. I also don’t like to be a complainer, because I’ve always felt why complain if you’re gonna still put up with it? The only person you can change is yourself and that will be the most rewarding growth ever or so I find in my young experience. Whenever I go through bad breakups or tough financial situations naturally I look for someone to blame, but when I started to remove myself from those situations and take a look at what I could change about myself I changed it and it made me a much happier person. The change may not move as fast as you would like it to, but if you stay true to yourself and align your morals with your actions then you’ll get it right every time. 

Growing as a woman includes respecting myself also and yes I know how dare a stripper talk about respect, but I have a lot of respect for myself and my body is still my temple. I have loads and loads of men offering me all kinds of money, trips, fancy lifestyles and everything for sex and ladies we have to be smarter than that. Accepting those material things for the time being is selling yourself short. Yes I know some people have to take advantage of situations like that, but personally those actions do not align with my moral beliefs. I am going to be very honest as a woman and say that yes sex does make us emotional and by the way men if your woman isn’t emotional over you after sex it may be time for you to move on as well. There have been times when I was just completely over the relationship I was in and not even the sexual connection could make me want to stay with the man. Those are also tough for me because I feel like I’m breaking someone’s heart, but they must also be doing something that wasn’t making me happy so I had and wanted to leave. In the growth process many things will happen and some of those things you won’t be able to control. The only thing you can control is your response so don’t be too quick to respond. Actually I find in some case the best response is NO response. 

Growth is also a process that favors action so get off your ass and go get it! 


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