Club Updates and New Club Searching

So once again they are changing the strip game up. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but they are definitely trying to track us dancers down. So at my current club when I got hired I filled out no paper work I just got my permit and started dancing which I loved. Fast forward a few months later and they’re giving us paperwork, we have to clock in/out and the most important thing is they pay us $2.40. They said that since they now pay us $2.40 we absolutely have to pay our house fees which is the past if we didn’t have it they let us slide. My friend who came with me from another club told me this is so we can’t sue them and I don’t hae time to be suing anyone anyway. She was all mad because she didn’t make any money yesterday only enough to pay her house fees and that happens sometimes that’s why you have to save your money when you make good money. The name of the game is save. I also went home with $5.00 and I figure why complain when nobody put a gun to my head making me come? I find it so annoying when people complain about situations they get themselves into. She said that she’s so happy she has a real job as an accountant now and if thats true I’m also happy for her because we both love business and she says she wants some law practices so this can put her in the position to get that. She also has an internship for a political advertising company and wants them to hire her as well. I know it’s the hippy in me, but I just can’t see myself doing anything like that. I’m 24 years old and I want to explore the world now. I have friends the same age getting divorced and packing up and leaving the country.

I’m more interested in other creative forms of business like communication, fashion and so on. I love the board room side, but only with the fun stuff first. I could probably be an accountant at Vogue or something, but it still sounds boring to me. I’m a model first before all of this and I finally realized that this is 2016. You don’t have to be signed with and agency or anything all you need is a camera, internet and work ethic. Of course I will always be into the business side of those things, but I truly believe that people need to have careers they love and not just careers that give you a little money for the time being, but no ability to grow.

Yesterday I went to a club in a very nice part of Atlanta. The club was so nice that you couldn’t even see it unless you drove up some big hill. It really took a lot of courage for me to even go and I’m proud of myself for doing that because we all know how scary change can be. I went around 5:00 pm and they told me to come back at 9:00 pm and then they told me to come back in a few weeks and I certainly will. The staff at the club was very accommodating to me and there were a few girls there who loved me and were saying “you gonna get hired” and “hire this girl right now” lol. That was so sweet. I’m also going to go to more clubs now that I’ve gone there because like I said I feel like I can be making more money. I wore some navy American Apparel riding pants, a white spaghetti strap crop top with no bra and some brown heel boots. To say the least I was fly. I was also on more than a few vices so I was feeling no negativity. This was only stop one on my new club search. I have also been looking at other clubs in LA so I’m going to take a trip out there in a few months to do that so I can move out there in January. It actually looks pretty cool.

Well as always I love you guys and don’t be a stranger. If you have any questions, comments or requests don’t be shy 😉

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