A Real Woman Is Different Than From The Internet

So I dedicate this blog to a customer who saved the day for me. If I haven’t been sharing enough stripper experiences for you guys well here’s one. In my short stripper experience I felt tonight that I had grown out of my awe stage and become numb to my job choice. Well tonight I met a customer that made me relive the “old days” and remember what its like to understand why a man s here. So I was growing tired of one customer who wasn’t spending any money on me. This customer had only bought a drink and we had good conversation, but conversation doesn’t pay the bills. It was getting pretty late which is when everyone comes in, but I was growing restless. I approached a skinny 40 something white guy who loved me, but wanted more so I left him. Then I approcahed another white man who says to me as he touches my arm “A real woman is different from the internet” and I completely understand. I also watch porn in utter droughts and while I can watch it for hours its just not ultimately satisfying and it just makes me a frustrated bull. If I get off I’m ok meh lol. We all know sex is the grande hoorah of life and I just understood what he was saying. I proceded to show and tell him what just how different it was and we danced for the rest of the night.

Since I’ve been dancing I don’t mind people touching me and all of that, but this guy literally gave me a deep tissue massage and worshipped me lol. I could tell that he wsas  grateful to be in the presence of a “real woman” and not only that, but he’s spending money duh lol. Anyway this guys was awesome and he is the kind of person I do this for. Yes I know for him to be an older white man is a taboo with all the racial tension in the country, but I don’t watch tv and I minimize social media so all of that is foolishness to me.Most black guys in my generation come to the strip club for white women so I see no problem with a white man coming to see me. He was really funny and a joy to be around and when he gets his new hip he’ll be 21 again lol.


Love you guys ttyl 🙂

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