The Therapist In Me Is So Proud Of Myself : A Sad Story of Love and Betrayal

Soooo you guy’s I’ve adopted a sick puppy. She’s so sick I fear for her life, but she’ll be ok because I too was once lovesick. Sigh, she is the 18 year old boy’s girlfriend that was hanging out with me and my ex during the San Diego trip. ( the truth comes out lol.) So we were all kinda kicking it all couple like and us girls we’re really getting the feels. I would look at her touch him all lovey dovey and he’d push it away. I could tell there were sharks in the water. So fast forward now that I’m back in Atlanta and she’s In North Carolina she calls me everyday with a brokenheart.She tells me about things she sees on social media and just torturing herself. I feel so bad for her, but I spit nothing, but girl power truth that she really needs to hear. I tell her “girl you’re so young and going to college, don’t worry about it.” I also slip in she should get a man with a lot of money and at her age I was dating 31 year old men. True and great people too. I also went to college with a broken heart, but life brought me more amazing people and moments. I learned that there may not seem like much hope for a good life without him now, but one day you will be so happy you won’t believe you were this sad over this person.You will be a new you. Aww you guys she’s so sick she barely understands anything I’m saying. All she keeps saying is that she needs to process this and it’s hard for her right now because she feels like anybody except for her boyfriend at their ages is just a downgrade. And I tell her girl! Are you kidding me your boyfriend isn’t a fucking valedictorian. Your boyfriend is 18 years old and he’s trying to marry a 20 year old woman for a check. That’s not smart in my opinion I told her I think she should be with a man who is a creator and isn’t afraid of large numbers. If all you want is a few thousand dollars to pay your dented infinity G35 with then ok have at it, but I think that’s just dumb and same goes for my ex lol sorry. His beamer is his child right now and that’s may or may not be a good thing lol. I reccommended her not to chase boys for sexual pleasure, but its ok to meet a nice man who treats you well, and it grows into something then that’s awesome. Just focus on you and block out the bs.

All in all I hope I helped this young lady and I was only telling her what I wish someone would have told me when I was her age. I was so disconnected from life all I could see was my boyfriend and I loved it that way, but life happened and I still enjoyed the ride. I know life will bring her the same amazingness if she just focuses on her self and just not think about it.

lastly lastly I also want to say that while we do move on to happier and better we may or may not ever forget these times in our life, but we will view them differently and have different perspectives comprehensive to respective events.

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