You Guys I’ve Been Through The Fire Again, But Its Ok lol

So I’m back in Atlanta. A little dismantled, but I’m working fast to fix myself up lol. So I had one of those wonderfully sad times. I guess the thought of me leaving was just too much to bear for my ex. He was completely hot and cold and it just shut me down. I had to be strong in my sexual beliefs for the most part lol and boy oh boy lol. Ok but I think I did good 1/9 is winning numbers to me lol. Ok I just did my hysterical laugh now I’m done and on to more serious things. Telling is what I’ll call the guy I had been involved with out here. That just slipped after another one of those, but we’re friendly and  know he respects me. They both are also so lost. One 24 year old man and another soon to be 41. When will they get a grip? Looks like never lol. That’s cool I’ll literally be too busy counting my money that I won’t have time lol. I’m always willing to share a little bit and that may be the problem. I shouldn’t share any even when they come back full force with all the wooing and they always do. Even if I emotionally push them over the edge haha and I do often, but only because I have a I’d like to see you dead before me, but noo don’t go mentality.

I’ll be back. I missed you guys I’m off to the shakejoint now Muah 🙂

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