Prophesizing Money

Sooooo I’ve been working super hard to save money and I have been very successful. For a bout a week or so I did not write in my journal or blog and it has thrown me completely off track to do so. However I planned a trip. I knew it would take some money and time off of work so I wrote it all out. Writing something from your own brain creates a good visual for what you want to see happen.The first expense was the plane ticket of course and this can be a hard concept for people and they may feel like they are spending hundreds of dollars on something they can’t get back lol. There are cheaper alternatives for close by destinations, but my flight is 7-9 hours so imagine the drive. I also think flying is a good experience and it helps you not to be so afraid of the world and see how small it really is.

By the time I get back from my trip my rent will have been due a few days earlier so I planned to pay my rent before I left.Work has been very good so saving hasn’t been a struggle. I also did not want to spend money already saved so I planned to save spending money and I did. I also made sure I handled all of my bills and car maintenance before I left. Lastly I planned to do some shopping so I saved money for that. I wanted to account for every cent that could possibly be spent so I won’t come home with a huge dent in my account. Yesterday I calculated every deposit I have made since I’ve been dancing and I was very motivated after seeing that number. It made me look at money in a whole different way and now I’m able to learn some lessons on why I don’t have that money lol.  I’m so excited to be going on this trip because I’m very tired and I could use a vacation. I also worked hella hard for it. If you want to take a break from work or whatever it is completely possible, but you have to put in a little extra work. I’m still a little amazed at how I am able to save money and still plan a trip, but they say you can do anything you put your mind to. I also want to mention that the journey to saving for my trip has not been perfect. Some days I made a little more that what I planned and some days I made a little less. I also have been a little lean with my spending habits and eating out. With a few little changes to your life saving is completely amazing.




  1. A. Afua · June 23, 2016

    Love! kudos to you. You’re very, very, inspiring. I am on a mission to be as resilient and hardworking as you! ❤

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    • Stripper Notes · June 24, 2016

      Awwww thank you I really had to radically change my thoughts and actions to become this way and the benefits are so worth the sacrifices ! Keep up the positive thinking and you’ll see change before you know it 🙂

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