So I went to work yesterday and meh. These white guys where trying to get my friend and I to do some coke, but of course I don’t do that sh*t so I declined, but I did hit her blunt and smoke some weed oil. I haven’t smoked weed in 5 months and I forgot about how it gives you that out-of-body experience. I was so scared to smoke it because I didn’t want to have a bad trip or get addicted, but I was around a loving friend and it was awesome. I wouldn’t do it again excessively, but it was so amazing! Its like I could read everyone’s body motions where as to normally I wouldn’t pay attention to that so much. Those white boys were tweaking and it was so funny and my friend was funny too, because she was super alert lmao.

I don’t think I want to strip under the influence of weed though because it just makes me look at people too weird. I like a normal point of view so I’ll stick to my regular drink . It was absolutely amazing to get that happy feeling back for the night though. I was just in heaven thinking about all kinds of happy things. I didn’t realize how beneficial marijuana was when you don’t abuse it. I can see how I got addicted to this drug and trying to use it to mask the real world and my problems.

The last effect the weed gave me was business confidence. It was like I felt like I could succeed at anything I tried and I wasn’t afraid to do the things I want to do. I also see why super successful people do drugs. When drugs are used correctly they give you this super amazing creativity that can be crossed into any whatever area you are focusing on. Again do not abuse drugs lol.

SN: I’m not sure if forgot but I don’t remember having a dream when I was high. I always have dreams every night and I love them whether they are scary or happy. I love being in that alternate world and I hope marijuana doesn’t block that for me. Last year when I was smoking weed more heavily I also experienced many nights where I did not dream and I did not like that. All in all I am not going to start back smoking weed that heavily, but I will smoke it when I want to induce my creative juices because it was awesome for that.

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