DO NOT Be This Guy In The Strip Club

I understand everyone can’t afford to have as much fun as they would like to in the strip club, but if that’s the case just sit back and watch…. maybe tip a few dollars when you can too. The one thing I hate in the strip club is a grown a** man who tries to hustle a stripper. Don’t be the guy talking about you started dancing mid song and then turn around and ask me to dance again then try not to pay me for the second dance! Men like that basically just want to molest and feel you up for free and I actually don’t mind touching as long as you are paying good money to touch! If you are being a cheap a** on the other hand then you need to keep your hand to yourself and just enjoy the show. If you have to do all that then you need to stay your behind at home because I can guarantee you’ll only have one time to try that trick someone before word spreads to all the strippers. The next thing you know you’re the one with egg on your face because you are going to be treated like less of a man and I know that no man wants to be treated that way. If you have some respect for yourself then just be honest and do what you can, but don’t try to hustle a stripper because we won’t waste our time on anyone like that and if a girl does fall for that then you should be ashamed of yourself because you came into her place of business where she goes to make a living. You wouldn’t want anyone wasting your time so don’t waste hers and if you can’t afford to be with a stripper then just stay away from the strip club.


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