100th Post!

I’m still very new to blogging and all of my post are purely therapeutic for me. Even thought this is only my 100th post I never intended for this blog to be some kind of money making scheme or anything like that however I would like to broaden my horizon and do some more fun stuff on here. I’m super grateful for anyone following me but I’d still blog even if I had no followers simply because I love what I do and it helps me more than anything. If you are reading this I would like you to comment on any questions you may have for me whether that is regarding stripping, moving out from your family, how I stay happy and positive or anything because I am more than willing to answer almost anything.

The most recent post I’m trying to make is songs that I like to dance to. It seems like when I hear a song I like I’m too busy enjoying my jam to write it down, and when I get to the computer I can’t remember wtf I was listening to lol.

Lastly again I will also be taking personal questions regarding your life as well and that is not limited to stripping questions. If you send me questions I will certainly write a blog post for you answering them.


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