Starting Your Work Week Off Strong

So yesterday my friend left town and I was thrown completely off of my axis. After I realized I missed court that threw me off even more and I may not actually be back to my full self until tomorrow. I had to wake up super early for court today and I still have to go to work which will end late tonight. After work I’ll get a good sleep and be supercharged tomorrow.

The first thing I like to do to start my work week off strong is writing my work schedule by day and time. Even if I do not stick to the exact time I always prepare myself to work and my mind knows that is the most important task to complete in the day above all.

I also like to give myself something else to do besides work because the thought of only working can be slightly morbid. I like to either go to the park and work out or if I don’t have time for that I just work out here in my room. I also like to do some light research, window shopping aka visualization, eat and mostly importantly take  a nap if I can fall asleep or fit it in.

I also like to start my work week off with clean laundry and linens because we all know cleanliness is next to godliness.

Lastly I like to put whatever I did not like about the past week behind me and only think about the best that is to come. Finally finally I like to be grateful for what I have had and even more grateful for what is to come.


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