So I Talked Myself Out Of Working Today

As soon as I left court today I thought I was going to work, but when I got there it was not too busy. I know this means nothing since it was a little early, but I still feeling like that was not going to put me in a working mood. Someone also told me it was a lot of girls there which also again means nothing, but I didn’t feel like it today, because those girls can get crazy when its like that and the atmosphere felt a little negative. I sat in the  parking lot and a guy told me about how it was that great and another guy tried to pick me up I guess for sex and of course I don’t do that so I said no. He was also not my type of client so evenif I would have seen him in the club I would not have given him the time of day. I have to be at court early in the morning and I thought I just needed togo home instead of barley making what I want. Call me spoiled, but time is either money or happiness and it wasn’t looking like enough money to risk my happines. I’m going to work everyday this week so I’ll be fine. Writing makes me happy so that is what I’m doing and I’m satisfied with that doing this tonight and I’ll be back to my hustling tomorrow because May is a crazy month for me. I have lots of saving to do for this month and the summer.

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