I Don’t Like People In My Pockets Telling Me How To Spend My Money Based On Preconvieved Notions Of A Stripper

Now I don’t ask people how much money they make or tell them how to spend it because I don’t care about how much money you make or how you spend it! My friend was over last night and I was computer screen window shopping and he said just buy it. lmao Girl I could have slit his throat when he said that. I don’t spend my money carelessly and if i do it’s because I want to and not because someone pressures me into buying something I don’t need right now. I’m a stripper and yes the money can be good… sometimes, but tomorrow isn’t guaranteed so you have to save that sh*t for dear life. I also believe in saving because I have barely been given anything except the bare necessities by my parents and that stopped years ago whether I wanted to acknowledge that or not. He also said he wants to make a plan for me lol…. y’all why are the gods testing me? I hope he was talking about with his money because I don’t need him planning on anything with my money. That’s my job and I do it happily. I’m the one getting naked for 45 year old white men not him so I’ll plan on what to do with this money myself. I really can’t stand people trying to help me and really not help at f*cking all instead they just want to control me because they feel like it’s a good opportunity to do so and the last time I checked that was called a pimp or something and I don’t do that. So let me get this straight I’m supposed to work for my money, and allow someone to tell me how to spend it? I don’t think so. I wish people would let me do that for them I’d have a f*cking field day. If I want financial advice I’d ask someone who’s opinion I valued and not just follow random unsolicited advice.


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