Home Update

I actually love where I live now that I am settled in. There are strange bugs here that scare the crap out of me, but I’m still so happy. I feel kind of bad sometimes for being so happy about being away from my family, but I’d rather it be this way than me being with them and miserable. Sometime I feel happy enough to visit them tho lol. My house is on a main street which can be a little noisy, but I from the hood honey so all I know is noise and I prefer this noise anyday.  I also love how my room has a window right beside a sweet-smelling bush so when I open the window I can smell the flowers. I don’t have it decorated exactly as I want right now, but I love the way it is right now. My roommates are very low-key even though they aren’t the cleanest bunch I can deal with it for now. I love everything about my peaceful area. I never thought I could be on my own, but its the best freedom I’ve ever had. I have the sweetest dreams every night and its put me in the perfect mood to go to work. I don’t have to explain everything I do to nosey judgmental or anyone in general because this is my life and I pay for it.

I’m going to do some more light decorating on the walls and then work my way to the bathroom, because it needs lots of attention lmao. I also have the perfect place to work in peace here with no distractions. I also have the loveliest homeless squatters next door who my white male roommate seems to find very hipster, but ugh whatever lol. The house is huge and I’m always running down the hall and its the funniest thing to me. It reminds me of living in a dorm. I actually didn’t plan on moving out so soon, but a dear empathic friend of mind warned me to leave if I wanted to keep my sanity and I’m so glad I listened, because I didn’t need a repeat of last year.


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