Handle Your Responsibilities and Happiness Follows

So if you guys don’t know I was arrested for possession of marijuana, failure to maintain insurance and a warrant for failing to appear in court for letting someone operate my car without a licence. That was a guy I was dating and I learned a lot about what a relationship is not supposed to be like with him. I personally feel ike I have handled the who situation ver responsibly and it’s almost behind me. After him I always think there is something wrong with a woman driving a man around and a man who does not have a car of his own, yes I judge. Actually as I wrote the first sentence of this post I remembered I missed my court date this morning and immediately rushed out and ran to the court-house so I’m completing this post about 7 hours later. Yes I love y’all too. So now I’m sipping wine and writing. I attempted to go to work and wasn’t feeling it so I was going to get some wine and ended up visiting my family and they brought me all the way down as usual, but now I’m home doing what I love to do where I love to be so let’s get started.

As a young adult I’m sill learning the importance of handling my responsibilities when they should be handled, focusing on self-care and making myself happy by not worrying so much about people’s problems. I find that handling my responsibilities really help me worry less. Even someting as simple as getting an oil change on schedule gives me peace of mind. I swear I feel like when I handle my responsibilities on time I can feel the universe aligning to lift me up. When you take care of business that’s all the happiness you need even in relationships. My 21-year-old little cousin seems to think that its ok to be in love with a woman and cheat on her because according to him women will accept that. This is the same little cousin who was running around the neighborhood naked because he let drugs take over his mind, got arrested for breaking and entering a house on his street, can’t hold down a job as a dishwasher at IHOP and lives off of his grandma and newspaper hoarding mom. Hell he probably has to cheat on women because I don’t know a single woman who would stay with a man like that. I told him that there are much more important things he needs to be worried about because life is passing him by, but he will see. If he was on a proper responsible path I doubt he would even have time to be doing those things and if he was he’s  still doing them he’d still be unhappy. I can almost physically see time slipping right through his fingers, but that’s fine he’ll learn the hard way like I did.

I always tell you guys how imperfect I am. I have been the stupid girl who dated men who treated me like pure dog crap and I’m so much happier when I worry about myself and not pleasing them. I want to blame them so bad, but its me who allowed them to treat me this way. I probably allowed it because I didn’t feel as worthy as I should have or I knew they would leave if I demanded more and that’s exactly what they did. I won’t blame myself for that though.

The bottom line is if you align yourself with your responsibilities, don’t stray from them or compromise them for a human being then happiness will find you as well. If a person loves you them they will either accept you as you are or resist and the rest is up to you and what you choose to do.


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