Breaking Away From Your First Love, Why That Is So Hard But OK

So I did a periscope broadcast on this topic and it may not be completely on topic for this blog, but hey I’ve written crazier things lol. So I want to begin by saying finding a first love is a wonderful and beautiful thing. Oh my gosh to find someone who ttuly values you and makes you feel like you have heaven on earth to the point where you brand them with the title of your first love is amazing. However most of the time we find this beautiful love before we find ourselves and we try to live out the future in the prescence by holding on to this love very tight. I feel like yes it can be very hard to let go of a first love because it is the highest idea that you may have of love even if you have been in some wonderful relationships passed this love.

Sometimes we try to recreate something that has outgrown us and no longer resonates with our new spirit that we have acquired. You may find that sometimes your old love is nothing like they were and if you did not grow on the same frequency as that person then it may be time to let go and find what is truly for you. That can be a scary and lonely thing to think about, but don’t think about it in such a bad way. You have to relase what is no longer serving you and open up your heart space for something that may be just what you have dreamed about, but more importantly what you need. I used to be really sad about my first love no longer being in my life to the the point where I forced him back in. I thought really badly that he was what was meant for me and to some degree I will always feel this way, but now I realize that we are just two very different people. He is a wonderful person, but he is not the person for me. I have grown into such a sensitive, intelligent, calm and peaceful young lady and I’m not too sure if he is aligned with what I need in my life. I do love some parts of who he is, but those parts aren’t speacial enough for me to spend my life with.

Separation is the biggest lie that we tell ourselves because some of the most important people to me live hundreds and thousands of miles away, but they are still with me. The person that may reosnae with me may be somewhere very close or far away, but we are definitely already as one on this earth. I can feel alone in a room full of people simply because they may not resonate with my spiritual esscence. I’ve heard that two people never qually love each other and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I feel they may love each other equally, but not at the same time and that is where the work comes in in a relationship. The bottom line is you’re never going to forget your first love, but you may never fully experience life if you are blindly holding on to a love that is passed its expiration date.


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