For The Love Of Sanity Stop Emotionally Self Harming Yourself

Soooooo the thing is I have to cut people off that aren’t serving me with positive vibes that I am over serving. I understand we want what we want, but a lot of the time what we really want is not what we need. This idea n be so crazy because the things or people we want can seem so harmless and right for us, but if you are being emotionally drained then it is time to take a step back, look at the bigger picture and maybe just turn around and walk away and not look back. Lol that’s a funny thing to be because that seems so impossible in some situations. Working at a strip club I meet so many people who self harm themselves emotionally to a detrimental point where they are addicted to the false sense of company strippers bring them. Most of the time I end up being a counselor of course after I seduce the guy and get my money lol, but I still like to do a good deed. I have even done it to myself and I understand it can be hard to let go, but you don’t let go by replacing your emotions with false company.

At the end of the day healthy relationships are built from healthy friendships and not relationships where one person feels like another person owes them something. Healthy relationships are also not built from a person who tries to buy someone’s love to the point where they feel like the other person is obligated to love them due to the things they have done for them. If you do something for someone do it with a genuine heart and no expectations. Expectations kill happiness sometimes because you cannot control the way someone feels about you by giving them material items or even time. If you have a person like that in your life it may be best to just leave them alone because if you have bought them all these things and they still don’t love you then they probably never will. Yes they will miss the things you did for them and the times you were there for them, but that still doesn’t mean they miss you. Give yourself some time to grow up and outgrow them. I told a customer yesterday to just work on himself and grow so the next time the person you have been with sees you they will see a new person and that is because you will be a new person. Eat some healthy food, get into routine workout and pick up some hobbies and gain growth. I’m not saying that person won’t try to pull you back down because they will try and they might achieve that, but once you have realized it then observe the “now” and pick up with the new things you have done to grow.

Once again I speak form experience and I must practice these things everyday. I tell you guys all the time I am not perfect and I never want to be perfect because I would not know what happiness is if I did not feel pain.


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