Burnt Out and Never Giving Up

So I have a friend in town who I want to hang out with, but he was busy so I went to work instead which I did not feel like doing. He stayed over and we had so much fun until he pissed me off by going through my laptop and reading my blog which I don’t share with people in my real life. I was mad because I tell him everything anyway so there is no need to invite yourself into spaces that I want to keep private. I would like to share this with some people, but I  just don’t like people’s opinions when  I didn’t ask for them. If you’re going to accept, support and embrace my creative spirit that’s fine, but if not then go away and don’t say anything. Anyway we were going to hang out, but he had things to do and I wasn’t feeling like working so I went to relax at the nail salon and went to work. I was soooooo burnt out when I got there so I had a few drinks and did a few dances and was even more tired! I then took a nap lol. When I woke up I was still tired, but I was there so I wasn’t giving up. The day ended amazing, but I was still very tired.

I was super tired when I got off of work, but I did take some time to reflect on how perseverance and believing will bring whatever you want into being. I spoke everything I wanted into being. I am also more motivated not that I have the ability to achieve everything I want and hit goals. The last thing I want to say is whatever goals you have you need to keep them in your mind and work towards them in any way you can. When you work hard on something and you realize it is not happening in the time span you want that is not a sign to give up, but a sign to keep going. Most people think about giving up and that is exactly when your goals come true. Never let the give up thoughts in your mind over power your goals because you are delaying the process and hopefully not ending it. Take different paths, remain positive, but don’t give up. Working with fast money I’ve learned that sometimes all you have to do is be patient, because you can make your whole night in one hour. Does that mean all the other hours you were working weren’t worth it? No. Those hours were worth it.

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