Dream Weaving

Aside from the typical love dreams I’ve been having some crazy dreams lately.

One dream I had the other day was very typical.  I dreamed about the man I was involved with. I dreamed I was just starting a new college and I saw his children walking down the street with him. His daughters ran up to a girl and I also tried to greet the, but they didn’t seem to friendly to me. I got jealous when I saw the girl talking to them so I sneaked and looked through her phone, but I didn’t see anything. I actually got in trouble for looking through her phone and it ended up not even being him it was apparently a tranny or something lol. That was a relief, but it was weird, but hey this is Atlanta. The girl even looked a little masculine to me also and she could have been a tranny idk. I woke up after that and was pretty normal feeling. I almost forgot I had the dream.

The next crazy weird dream I had was that I  was in some sort of cult. It was something like a school, but we couldn’t leave and I kind of knew that. I remember seeing a celebrity teaching a music class, I saw a guy I went to college with in Alabama and he was dressed kind of gay in a pink outfit. There was also this military type of jacket they wanted us to wear and that’s when I thought it was weird. I began looking in doors and seeing people who looked like they were happy to be there, but kind of pretending because they knew they couldn’t leave. At the end of the dream I remember just dreaming of running so fast away from that place, but being scared because I didn’t know the consequences. I wanted to run away so bad and get my freedom tho. I woke up from that dream kind of scared and feeling like I was still in the dream and after a minute or two I realized that it was just a dream and I have my freedom lol. I feel like that dream really represented something and I thought it was a societal representation, but I think it represented me running away with my car that day even after I was way too drunk to drive lol. The club actually doesn’t make a lot of money and I was like whatever. I went to that club yesterday after 3 weeks and they told me I couldn’t work there anymore, but I already have a better club to go to and that’s where I went. I’m happy I’m no longer there even though it was the first club I started at I got too comfortable there and it doesn’t do too well. I was going to work there yesterday, but I’m glad that happened. The dream was very scary, but scarcity is just an illusion just like that club haha.

The final dream I had this morning was my favorite! It was an amazing dream that held so much depth. The body is truly the unconcous mind and its amazing how I could intake knowledge and have a dream about it and it seems so real! I hope it is real. So after I got home his morning I went to sleep, woke up and put on some relaxing commentary and went back to sleep. I had a dream that I was hanging out with the man from the commentary and we just had an amazing time. We were either in Atlanta or New York at a subway station that had beautiful modern graftti type artwork on the walls. He’s a very relaxing person and every word of our conversation was so relaxing. Now that I’m mostly on the single side I don’t see myself getting in any kind of relationship so he was just a fun and relaxing person to talk to. I am also the storm before the calm and that’s exactly how my emotions are. I have learned to handle that, but its the way I am. I have grown to hate men who are drama filled and don’t know how to remain calm or just handle women in general ugh. I think that may be why most smart women go for older men, because some young guys are just as stormy as me and that’s not acceptable for me. In the dream he was the version of myself that I would like to live in which is calm and inspiring. People were walking up to him asking him for his autograph and he was very calm about the whole thing.  I also have a thing for men with a slight power trip lol. I think its the woman in me who needs a leader. Of course a man with an out of control ego isn’t a good thing tho. While me and this guy were in the subway station I saw a very interesting person and I’m surprised he appeared in my dream. When I was in high school there was this young musician who produced music, played the piano and was very good at video making. My ex thought he had a crush on me and he did, but we never actually went on a date even though he was a very nice guy. This classmate of mine actually committed suicide a year after we graduated and no one could figure out why he did this, but he was very much a prodigy and worked with some big names right in high school. In the dream he was looking at me and I looked at him like he was very familiar, but I couldn’t figure out where I knew him from. Then I saw him get on a tour bus and I remembered who he was. I didn’t think it was weird because obviously I didn’t think of him as a dead person when I saw him. He did look a little sad, but i don’t know. We didn’t speak, but he looked like he had something to tell me, but didn’t. We didn’t speak and I continued to entertain my friend, but it was very good to see him.

The other part of this dream was weird and blurry. I dreamed I was in a play and wore some kind of costume that made my body look more voluptuous. I met a guy at the club last night who told me to get my professional head shots done because he thinks I’d be a perfect model and he was there at the play. I think I was taking someone else’s place, but I’m not sure. He was actually an attractive white guy and I don’t say that often lol. He told me the exact same thing yesterday about myself.

The very last part of this dream was dealing with snakes. Those are the scariest dreams. Someone I was with had a pet snake of something and they were trying to contain it and the snake kept on getting out and it was freaking me out. I was trying to work with them so they can keep their snakes, but I finally got tired of it and threw the snakes out into a field. I wanted to kill them, but I was just tired of dealing with them getting out. One of them was a black and gray cobra about 6 inches long and I just threw it out. Another snake was also thrown out, but I don’t remember  that one being such a problem.


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