I’m like so fascinated my drugs you guys don’t even know lol. I love getting into people’s brain and know what people feel like when they are on drugs and everything like that. I remember watching “Ray” and seeing him on heroine and I was like wow. I was like wow a blind man who loves drugs this is crazy and has a full amazing life what the heck is this and what is going on? I also saw the bad side of drugs my whole life since I grew up in the ghetto of Atlanta, but that was nothing but crack and marijuana maybe a few pills, but nothing I was interested in. I also want to say that I’ve never done cocaine because I don’t want to allow myself to downplay the severity of drug use and abuse. The girl that got hired at good club even wanted me to do some coke with her and she said it so nonchalantly like “c’mon its just a little blow, lets do some blow” lmao. Another one of my regulars snorted lines right in front of me one day ago which didn’t really move me because I wasn’t going to do it and he actually wanted me to stay in the car while he did it. I like to see whats up tho so I went into the apartment. From what I gather about drugs is they all do something different to the chemistry of the brain. I feel like I’m really being tested because me and a friend was hanging out with some dj’s at Tin Lizzy’s and they also offered us coke like wtf? I really am surprised by people who do cocaine and so far all the people I’ve met who do it are white men. I find it weird that these people appear somewhat normal and are still on drugs that is kind of scary to me. I also had a black guy friend from high school who did cocaine in front of me and offered me some as well. When I think about cocaine all I think about is overdose and I don’t think you’re life is anything to play with. I also researched LSD. Now LSD is one hell of a drug also. LSD is supposedly naturally derived from seeds and you have to test it with some kind of kit to make sure it was extracted correctly. I think I may want to do some volunteer work at a rehab facility or something just to know more about these people’s lives. I have documentary watched myself out.



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