Filling You Guys In

Okay so since my trip to Orlando I was still very relaxed, but a bit anxious about my cash cow club closing. The girl I went to Orlando with already works at another pretty decent club and we aren’t good friends so I guess she wasn’t too worried about me working so I basically cut her off after the trip didn’t go so well. She texted me a few times this week asking me what I was doing, but I curved her the first time and plain ignored her the second time. I feel like she just wants to be nosy or use me, but I don’t have time for any of those things. I have actual bills to pay and playing around with her won’t be getting of them paid.

Before my club closed down I met a guy that wanted to hang out with me. The typical rich white sugar daddy type of guy who also has a little coke habit. I don’t do any drugs, but as long as I’m safe I don’t care what other people do. He’s been trying to take me to dinner and I really didn’t feel like being bothered with him, but since my club was closed I had a little bit of free time to entertain a regular. He wanted to go to a restaurant that I really didn’t want to go to, but it was a regular Wednesday evening so meh lol. I’m not really looking to date anyone right now so I really wasn’t too excited to do anything and I had 1 more hour of community service to complete earlier in the day so I was slightly drained.

We ended up going to dinner and talking about how my club closed down and just having regular conversation about regular things. He said that there was this club I could probably work at by his house and he’s sure they would hire me. I was thinking he couldn’t really get me in, and he said we would just try it and see what they said. When we got there he spoke to the manager and she said no and then we got a few dances from a girl and she put in a good word for me so the lady hired me. The very next day I got my permit to work at that club so I’m excited to be starting. As you guys know I believe in having multiple places to work and multiple streams of income in general. I also got a good friend of mine in at the club also so we will be starting together.

I want to dedicate this new journey to my relaxed and positive state of mind. I could have stressed out about losing money on a trip where I was supposed to make money and then having to pay rent the very next day, but I did not allow myself to do that. Instead I only focused on the fact that I wanted to have somewhere else to work and I already knew I had somewhere to go. When you are sure of who you are and do no panic in situations where others would normally panic then you will be fine. I truly allowed myself to be sure that I would be ok and also sure that I would get what I wanted. I am a wonderful persona and even I sometimes and surprised at the wonderful things I think into existence, but I know I am the creator of everything I want by using my mind the way it should be used. Lastly if you know yourself you will always be in the right place at the right time with people who are serving you and places that will serve you. And you should put just as much power into those people and places.

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