Dancing Out Of Town : Strippers Giving Head On The Dance Floor?


I met a really nice person a few weeks ago and he asked me a really confusing question. The question was basically “What’s more important? Respect or money?” This question was confusing to me because I guess I assume everybody thinks I don’t respect myself since I’m a dancer, but the longer I dance the more I see crazy things. It was his first time coming to a strip club and he even has a daughter that’s a little older than me which kind of freaked him out I think, because I guess that’s still his baby or something. Although my dad and I don’t really have that type of relationship I guess I can imagine the feeling, but I’ve dated a guy his age that I actually liked so it really wasn’t that far fetched for me. I always like to think I’m a classy dancer and I respect myself and my I was right! lol

As you know my cash cow club got closed down. This totally blindsided me because I was working there one week, sick the next week and when I got back to work everything just happened within the course of two days. The last day my club was open I met a girl and we went out to eat with some guys. I don’t know this girl very well, but she’s 21, living in a hotel and her boyfriend is in jail. None the less I still thought this was a nice girl because I like to think the best of people and our club did just get shut down so I was just networking a bit I guess, but that’s not really how this industry works unless you’re talking about men and I’m not really on that wave right now. The day after our club closed down the girl told me one of her sugar daddies could pull some string and get us hired at this club in Orlando because his friend is a promoter and her was throwing a huge party. What a f*cking joke. I paid my way to Orlando and we went in on the room plus we have amazing room service which is a plus because I’m eating and drinking these people out of house and home haha. Her sugar daddy who really isn’t much of a sugar daddy to me has his two friends (one of which is the promoter and the other is a fake a** music producer) picking us up and driving us around and it seems like they want some sort of free entertainment from us. We got to Orlando on Thursday night and they tried to chill in our room, but we kicked them out. Then they called us talking about they wanted to have a private party, but got offended when we asked about money. Look I know men think they can have what they want, but I just came from Atlanta to Orlando on MY OWN DIME so of course I’m going to ask for money. We ended up not doing that and they even tried to threatened not to let us work the next day if we didn’t apologize for dissing them. That was another red flag and also some b*tch sh*t. Your ego must be really fragile of your begging from apologies from women that you don’t even know.

Now the day of Friday which id the day of this big party. The party flopped and was basically some bull sh*t. The promoter guy came to the room to pick us up and he was still talking about some private dance bs and wouldn’t say anything about money which pissed me the f*ck off. I came down here to make money, not to be your personal entertainment. He was super thirsty and even went to go buy us a bottle in an attempt to get us drunk which didn’t happen. The fake producer was telling us stories about how he had sex in a strip club and I really didn’t care to hear any of that, because I honestly didn’t think those kinds of things happened as much as they do. The girl I came with even told me that she’s done it before I guess because she liked the guy, but at the end of the day he played her and treated her like the whore she was acting like. She said he started taking other girls to VIP lol. Duh you had to know that was going to happen, but I’ll drink to being young and dumb also. I think having sex in a strip club is beyond dumb tho so we won’t be drinking to that. The house mom is this Orlando club is totally killing my vibe just being a b*tch to me also and I basically paid that b*tch dust and got the promoter on her. At least he was good for free liquor, house fees and food, but it really wasn’t worth the trouble.

Now here comes the respect or money lesson I learned. After we left the first club we went to an illegal strip club which people call “After Hours”. We also have these places in Atlanta and they basically stay open wayyyy past hours of legal clubs. The place we were at yesterday didn’t close until 5 in the morning and all other clubs close at 2. I was super sleepy at this point, but this girl I came with is drunk and I guess she’s still motivated to make some money because that’s what she kept saying. I get in this place and this is a cheating husband’s dream. These girls are wild and nasty beyond belief. I saw this girl sucking a guy’s dick right on the dance floor and he looked completely disgusting himself. He was also finger f*cking her, but at the same time  he was throwing money on her, but it d*mn sure wasn’t enough money for me. I’m sitting behind the dj booth just trying to figure out just how I got in this exact moment in time. I absolutely couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The promoter guy had a lot of money in his hand that I thought he was going to spend, but he was just “selling ones” ugh this guy is broke and annoying and looking for any sloppy hustle he can get his hands on. He also had a car full of fake designer bags which was very tacky to me also oh and did I tell you guys he was wearing windbreaker pants, a graphic t-shirt that said “My dreams end yours”, Nike flip flops with socks, cornrows and gold teeth to match the ensemble. At this point I realize I’m a bit too classy to be in this situation. The girl I’m with is poppin pussy on a handstand in a chair while some people are recording her and I’m still sitting back watching this train wreck of a night. I even pulled out my phone to write some notes about how unbelievable all of this was. This is turning out to be a cheap vacation and there’s not even a beach near by so I’m not really considering this a vacation. It was supposed to be a PAYCATION in the first place. This really put a bad taste in my mouth about traveling.

I learned a lot about my self from this trip. I learned that I do have respect for myself and I am the type of person who likes to work in respectable places. I also learned that there are many types of strippers and this life can take you down a crazy road if you’re not always in complete control of the situations you put yourself in. I’m still in shock I saw a girl sucking dick on a random thug for a few dollars yuck I’m so disgusted. This girl had to make $400 in all, bust she was being recorded and there were also other girls doing crazy things like giving each other head and being recorded too. $400 for me is a REGULAR day for me. I feel like you’re already getting naked so what’s the point for all the extra theatrics? The club was a ghetto hole in the wall and the after hours spot was even more dirty and disgusting and I’m just not that type of person. As a stripper I sell a fantasy, but once you put a price tag on your vagina the fantasy is over and the money stops. I know all men want easy and cheap sex, but as a man I wouldn’t even want something that disgusting, cheap and easy. That’s why the type of men I make money from know their getting quality companionship and not just a cheap slut that will suck them off at the end of the night and I’m more than happy to be that way. I may not make money 100% of the time, but when I do make money I know that I didn’t degrade myself. I actually have nothing against men that buy sex, but I would never date a man who admitted to buying it just like men would never date a woman selling it.

Today is Saturday and I guess the girl may want to go back to the club and make some money, but I’m done with this crazy sh*t. I want to go back to Atlanta and make guaranteed classy money and the next time I go out of town I will only go to clubs with more quality clientele. This sh*t was crazy and I’m just over it.

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