Like Only Men and Boring Married Women Thinks Strippers Really Love Dancing

Don’t get me wrong its cool and all, but as smart as I am why the f*ck would I get up most days of my life and dance, and yes I could go straight through school and do all that fancy sh*t, but that’s not the way my life was set up. You know being a black woman in America and shit. I know I’m a fun person and I make the best of all this craziness in my life, but I kind of find it a little insulting when people who really know me think its cool that I dance like yuck. In my mind that’s like Beyonce going to her family reunion and her family like totally fanning out over her instead of just asking her how she’s really feeling. Leave all the fantasy up to the strangers I’m sure Beyonce loves being called a singer, but she doesn’t want to be called dumb because all she does is run around on stage in a leotard. Men really want to think that strippers jut get out of bed every morning and like we’re f*cking Snow White feeling overjoyed and whole about being a stripper. I think I’m at that desensitized part of stripping where I kind of look at all men the same even the ones who I know well. I also know some really good men, but I even give them the side eye.

Then there’s the boring married women (there are non-boring ones) who get on my nerves. They think every stripper is the blame for their man not acting right or coming home. Girl don’t blame the strippers because you’re man is acting up. As a stripper I care more about my bills being paid then I do your husband. Moreover I don’t are if your husband or a single man pays my rent as long as it gets paid, and if you have a problem with him going to the strip club then that sounds like a personal problem. If you want to divorce him then do that and then you’ll have the freedom to also be a stripper lol.

Lastly I’m not a stripper because I love it and I don’t think any stripper is. We may be good at what we do, but if we weren’t then we wouldn’t make any money duh. Also as a stripper there are a lot of things we deal with that are just annoying, but its not my job to tell you how annoyed I am. It is my job however to show you a good time I guess and I actually like to have a good time while I’m doing that and I don’t want some dummy constantly reminding me that I’ma stripper as if I already don’t know that. If you go to a strip club asking the strippers if they love being strippers then you need to get your emotions in check and stop looking for some wonder woman, because any woman that tells you yes is the woman that’s probably gonna have all the money in you wallet my the end of the night and a couple dollars from your bank account too.


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