Thank You To My Daddy For This Good White People Insurance, Diet Change, Work Out Change and Cleaning

So I would like to first of all thank my dad for this good white people insurance that allows my grown but not grown butt to go to the doctor for basically nothing. That’s all I really have to say about that because that all I have to say lol. Second of all since being sock I do not crave fast food and stuff like that at all right now nor do I ever really want to again. I’m really considering a vegetarian diet or something like that. Now I will also say if you are one of those kinds of people who feel like I owe you an explanation for using the word “diet” go f*ck yourself. Lastly this room that I moved in is HIGHLY dusty! The dust gave me an upper respiratory infection and is also triggering allergies. I already contacted the girl I rented the room from and told her to contact the landlord, and if the dust problem isn’t solved quickly then I will probably be moving again very soon because I can’t live with all this dust everywhere. I don’t mind cleaning the general room, but the vents in the room are just extremely dusty, dusty to the point where I covered them and the ceiling fan also has too much accumulated dust on them. I can already tell a difference in my breathing from when I was outside to when I came back into the house. I would hate to have to move again, but I also can’t continue to sleep in this dusty a** room and its a wonder I even recovered in here with all this dust falling everywhere. The person who stayed here before me was apparently some type of ninja slob and didn’t care but I’m a lady *flips hair* and I require cleaner living quarters. I kind of rushed into this situation because I was in a hurry to leave home, but since I paid a deposit if I choose to leave next month that rent is already taken care of and I haven’t signed a lease so I have no legal bindings. I would really prefer the landlord just clean all of the dust up because I really don’t want to move, but I will 🙂

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