The Most Boring Stripper Ever

I’m the most uninteresting stripper right now, but I literally feel like someone had taken a straw and sucked all of the energy from my body. The human body is an amazing specimen because I can tell I’m getting better even though I feel weak, but it’s like a good kind of weak. The receptionist told me that I’ve probably already shook whatever I had, but I just wanted to come. I don’t know why it takes us getting really sick to take better health of ourselves, but that’s normally what happens. My body is craving a lot of food right now and that’s not normal for me because I normally can go with one meal a day, but since I’ve been sick I reallllllllllly reallllllly miss good fresh food! I get nauseous by the thought of eating a little bit tho so I haven’t really been able to eat what I want. Maybe I need a few more days of rest and more fluids and I’ll be good. I also need a tuna sandwich in my life right now! 


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