As much as I preach about taking a break you would think I knew I had a FEVER! Oh my goodness I was trying to rush getting well and I honestly thought I had a common cold. I’ve been running around and probably making my fever worse. Since I thought I had a cold and not a fever I’ve been dressing warm and going shopping almost everyday. So today when I finally got a thermometer I had a fever of 103.5 lol. I actually thought this was so outrageous it was a little funny. I kind of suspected I could’ve had a fever, but I really wasn’t worried about it and I also think every time I left the house it got worse. I’m officially sick lol and stuck in the house until I guess I’m better. My mom is probably gonna take me to the doctor if it doesn’t get any better and we’re gonna use my dad’s good white people insurance lol. My fever has gone down after drinking alot of water, taking a cold shower and removing all of those hot clothes I’ve been wearing since Sunday. My fever is down as of right now, but I’ll see what its gonna be like in the morning. I absolutely cannot believe I have a fever like I’m 5 years old or something. I finally really understand that I have to take it super easy and be grateful that I save for rainy days so I don’t have to stress as much. My room is definitely a bio hazard right now tho, there’s dirty tissues everywhere, tons of disgusting everywhere. All I can do at this point is rest and I may go to the doctor on friday if I’m really not feeling much better. My fever is up and down and I just want all of this to go away, but I will continue to sleep in, stay cool and hydrated and everything like that. I may just end up going to the doctor to get some antibiotics to get rid of whatever this is my body’s trying to fight.


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