So Since You’re A Stripper Do You Party A Lot?

People ask me this all the time. I actually used to go so hard with the party lifestyle. I would spend a lor of time and money on outfits, hair, makeup, and drinks. I was partying out of control at those times and it definitely wasn’t a cute look for me at all. On top of all that it was a waste of time because I was just starting college, I also had to work and it was just a waste of time. Then I took a break from partying and got serious about some things and I was also in a very serious relationship that I was very happy to get out of lol. Ok so after that relationship I started working at Hooters and Hooter girls party soooo much I guess its apart of the job description. I had friends who had connections with every club promoter in the city and people who just wanted cute girls in their section and stuff like this. This was a different kind of partying for me, but I really was never phased by all of this because its not a real life. Then after I stopped being a Hooter Girl the man that I was in a relationship with had a very serious life and he didn’t have time for all that partying so I kind of stopped all of that. Kind of lol.

I think I tried to conform to this guy, but I never really did conform. I’ve always been the same person and I will always be me. I do miss him tho 😦 I have such a weird type its hard for me to find people I actually like. Ugh its not easy being green. Anyway now I’m a stripper and I’m not gonna say I’m completely done with the party lifestlyle, but I don’t party right now. I don’t have a lot of close friends and family in the city and I feel like if I’m going to be stripping then that’s kinda of something I should take advantage of as a financial opportunity to do something great which I have. I finally moved out of my family’s house which was very necessary for me and I may also be moving again in a few months. I’m also able to pay for real estate classes which is something that I may not have been able to do so quickly if I had a regular job.Stripping is also partying enough I guess. I drink at work and I smell all the weed I can πŸ™‚ I just don’t have the time to party these days and my preference is going on dates. I absolutely love going on dates, getting dressed up a like its prom and just enjoying spending one on one time with someone. Clubbing is fine every once and a while,but I don’t prefer it for myself all the time anymore. I do enjoy working in the industry, but even that gets boring sometimes.


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