Stripper Sick Day 2 & 3

I knew I wasn’t going to work this morning which is my good shift, because of the type of clientele that comes in. I stayed in bed and ran  my humidifier to get to some relaxation. I wanted to go work a night shift, but I’m going to take this day  to run some errands. I have some flower seeds  that I would like to send my baby cousin who’s 8 years old I also have to send a thank you and gift card to a woman. I’m also going to do my laundry and frost my bathroom window since I’m feeling much much better.

When I got out of the bed I was completely lost  so I wrote a short agenda in my journal along with a work schedule for this week. After that I went to my favorite place in the world and that’s my favorite park. I really feel like the park gives me some sort of spiritual motivator since the nature is so beautiful and preserved there. I also emailed my career manager to have a meeting about beginning pre license courses for my real estate license. I’m going to meet with her this Wednesday April 20, 2016 and I plan to begin my course on April 25, 2016. A lot of you may wonder why I am so precise on the days I’m beginning and what the importance of these specific days are. These days are days that I planned week ago and I believe in sticking to some sort of schedule even if its stripping and the older I grow the more I learn the importance of starting somewhere, because many people say what they will do, but they never actually plan to begin the journey. You can want to to a million things, but if you have no plan to do it, then it may ever happen. I’m even guilty of this as I’m not perfect either.

I also frosted my bathroom window, but I’m not sure if I like it too much. I think I’m going to hand some plants in my bathroom, because I am not able to see through the window. I know I’m going to miss seeing through that window.

Now that I’ve frosted my window I have to go either go purchase 2 more cards, because I left them at my job or go to my job and get them lol. I think I actually want to get them from my job, because I’m feeling so much better!. I do have slightly low energy, but I’ve been drinking lots of vitamin c, breathing in my humidifier and drinking lot of water. I’ll also probably wash all of my clothes and make a 14 weight gain diet plan because omg when I’m busy my diet consists of maybe 600 calories a day. I’m gonna definitely start drinking my calories because that’s better for my schedule.

Day 3

Well this was originally a day 2, but I woke up this morning kinda almosssssst ready to go to work, but nah lol. I did however go to my job and see if my cards and things were in the locker I left them in and nope, someone took the card I got for my little cousin I guess because it was sealed and had something in it that could’ve been mistaken for money smh, they were flower seeds aha thieves I hope you feel bad! The thank you card for the woman was the only thing I found so I mailed her gift card and thank you card off today. Before I left I did make myself breakfast and some hot tea as my mom advised me too :). I literally still can’t believe I got this sick just over night like that. I’m gonna google what happens when you catch a cold because this is crazy. Its like one day I’m normal and the next day I’m clinging to the bed for dear life lmao. I also emailed my career manager and ugh school just annoys me, but whatever I’m trying to look at the bigger picture and stripping is a very small picture. I’d rather get out of bed to go run a business than to go to the strip club especially during a time like this when I’m sick and don’t feel like dancing at all. I also bought some potting soil for my flowers, but I won’t be using that for a while I just wanted to have it on me. I actually may use the soil before that. Tomorrow is my real off day and I’ll be meeting with my career manager and hanging out with my big little cousin lol. I still can’t believe how being sick drains the f*ckin energy out of you ….. I’m gonna literally work for 3 days this week and pray it doesn’t kill me lmao ughhhhhh  Jesus be a billionaire boyfriend! I’m a whole single woman who needs a nanny, a cleaning lady, a cook and a nurse and I don’t even have any kids. I have half a mind to text every guy I know and make each of them bring me 2 meals a day each, clean my house, and bring me pre-game drinks for work…. lets get back to work ladies 😉 Being this sick makes me feel drunk. What I need to do is go to the doctor and tell them I need more than an aspirin and vitamin c tablet. If I ever get sick again in my life I’m goin on vacation I can’t handle this lol. I feel like I’m 80 years oldddddd. Omg as I’m writing this I’m getting so many memories about when I first started stripping lolllll. It was the craziest time of my life I’m gonna do and update post on where I was then and where I am now and how my life is so different and its crazy.

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