Weather Change Sickness

Oh my goodness if you live in Atlanta you know we have the most bipolar weather ever! We’ve been having some warm days, but the mornings and nights get cold. It has even been a little chilly during the day! I thought I was dressing for the slightly warm weather, but this morning I basically woke up immobile. At first I thought it was something I could just get up and shake off, so I called my mom and talked to her for a while. After about an hour long conversation I began to feel even worse! I literally still can’t believe how how sick I’m feeling. This has happened to me a couple times in my life so i definitely wanted to shake it off as quickly as possible. I had plans of frosting my bathroom window, but I even struggled to get up, make some tea and take a super hot shower. I’m still even freezing right now and I was going to go and get a space heater, but once I got out of the shower I even got in the bed with my UGGS on accompanied by a turtleneck, long socks and fleece pajama pants. My friend texted me and invited me to a pool party and I was clueless because the way I was feeling I thought it could’ve been snowing outside lol.

I’m doing much better right now, but  I still need to eat, drink a ton of water, orange juice, OD on vitamin c and rest for the rest of the night! lol Omg I really can’t believe I have the chills this bad, but it whatever. I may even sleep with my gardening gloves on. Ugh I can’t stand being sick. I didn’t even think I would e able to write today, but I just turned some Jazmine Sullivan and she’s literally singing life through me! If you’re sick go to YouTube and let that Jazmine Sullivan flow through your body. I feel really behind on my chores so I may go get some soup, a heater, do some chores and try to sleep this off! I’m feeling a whole lot better, but I’m still only about 60% well which is not well enough for me. I’ll see what i’m feeling like tomorrow and hopefully I’m well enough to go to work and if not I’m going to meet with my career manager since this week’s goal is to make the money to pay for my real estate classes 🙂

Oh I’m gonna add one last thing. I do also believe that my state of mind has a lot to do with being well so I’m going to try and be as happiness as possible and treat my mind and body with care and respect. That for me probably means eating healthy, being productive and surrounding myself around amazing people lol …. That means I may be aloneStripper Notes 15a for a while haha

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