The IMPORTANCE Of Working At Multiple Clubs And Having Multiple Streams Of Income In General

I’m clearly very smart if you couldn’t already tell and most of my intellect primarily comes from having a lot of experience at a young age. I’ve had a legal job since I was 16 years old and there hasn’t been a time in my life where I haven’t worked. Even when I had gaps of “unemployment”  I threw myself into my eBay store and gained income that way.

Today is another sick day for me so I’m pretty sure I won’t be going to work, but I will definitely be at work tomorrow. A girl from one of the clubs I work at called me for some information about another club I work at. I don’t mind sharing information, it does annoy me when people can’t be self sufficient and ask the same questions over and over again. This is  conversation we’ve been having for months at the point when I realized I wasn’t making the money I felt like I deserved at that club meanwhile they still wanted to charge full fees. Some days I would tip out the club more money than I even went home with and I barely had enough money to get gas with. As a stripper I feel that is 100% unacceptable. I was employed at another club, but the money was even worse there for me. I feel like I have a particular clientele and those clubs were a hit or miss for men who would enjoy my company.

The girl from my first club I worked at called me and told me that they were firing people! Many of these girls don’t understand that we are independent contractors due to the Adult Entertainment Permit that we had to obtain before we could even begin working. With an Adult Entertainment Permit you are basically just renting out the club space and pay whatever house fees and tip outs that they say we are required to pay, but I heard was actually illegal to enforce. As long as you don’t have sex with customers and follow the city’s dance guidelines there should e no reason you can be fired because you have already paid to rent out the space for a year.

I’m not sure if the women who worked there are as well informed on the law as me. So what is the reason these girls got fired you ask? For ALLEGEDLY working at another club as well as influencing other women to find other clubs to work at. I’m sorry, but I don’t know a smart or successful stripper that doesn’t work at many clubs or have multiple streams of income. I haven’t even been at that club this week because I work twice as hard there to make less of the money. I think what this club doesn’t realize is to have a successful leader you have to show appreciation to your followers. I felt unappreciated along time ago which is why I left a long time ago and committed myself to working wherever I want because my body is MY business.

If I only worked there I definitely would be a slave to that job, because the money simply isn’t as good as it should be and they know that! From working for many companies over the course of my life I have also observed that most companies and people in general do not value the loyal worker, because any thriving company is always looking for the better worker. Many of the girls the club fired were very loyal and I think its a shame what the club has done to them.

If you only have one stream of income in any aspect of your life whether you are a stripper or not then I recommend you to pick up a hobby, really see how something that makes you happy can also make you money. Furthermore you can perform a service that you may have been doing for free, but you should be getting paid for. We all have a godly spirit inside of us and you cannot expect your employer to bring that out in you, because you are simply a replaceable tool for them and if you are not, then continue the good work.



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