My First V.I.P.

So my first club didn’t have VIP and VIP actually isn’t allowed in that city at all. The club I’ve been at this week actually does have VIP, but I’ve never been in one and I just imagine all kinds of gross disgusting prostitution goes on in those rooms. I’m not sure what other girls do because they don’t discuss that wasn’t me, but that wasn’t the case fore me.

The person I went to VIP with was actually a really nice guy. He didn’t show much emotion, but he did enjoy massaging my arms and legs very vigorously. It was a little different, but I think for some reason women don’t know when to be treated nicely and he was really appreciating my body. I worked for 4:00-3:45 i the morning so I was very tired by the end of the the night, but he was enjoying himself and paying me quite handsomely so I wasn’t complaining. Its actually the most money I’ve made in months. I get really motivated when I make a lot of money, but my body says other wise so I took the day off because there is really no need in being greedy because I don’t live this crazy lavish lifestyle. I get upset when I have to by my own slices of pizza lol.

We were in the VIP for 30 minutes and he didn’t even ask me to get fully nude which was sweet because I knew he was genuinely enjoying my company and the feel of my body on his. I saw girls everywhere running around trying to get dances and working their butts off, but I just stayed with him the whole night and danced for a couple of rounds of songs.I always love those customers who don’t degrade you and make you work like a mad dog. Moreover that isn’t a very appealing style of dance for myself anyway. Like I old you guys in a few previous blog posts, I’m more of a sensual dancer and I don’t do the whole twerking thing. I’m not knocking women who dance that way, but it’s just not the way I enjoy dancing for my body type. I’m also highly sensual and I’ve always had that mysterious way about myself.

I was a little nervous, because I always think guys wan you to jack them off in VIP of something, but he was the type of person who just enjoys alone time and is willing to pay for it. That is definitely a quality I can respect and gratitude takes you a long way with me. All the aggressive, high and mighty behavior is sexy I guess, but that’s always a sign of a selfish person to me and I definitely don’t need that in my life. I have problems not being selfish enough and giving too much away so I don’t want to be tricked my a nice person who is really selfish. I also understand that someone will take advantage of you if you allow them to so I am learning how to not even let those people in my life. From what I understand this guy is a regular person who does programming and writes fan fiction spin offs of Buffy The Vampire Slayer so I respect a creative mind also.

Definitely looking forward to more VIP’s like this him šŸ™‚


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