Faux Drugs and Freedom

So as you guys know I can’t smoke weed right now and its actually a quite lovely experience for me. I’m still not too sure if all the weed was triggering my depression and anxiety or if I really did just have a shitty lol. I’m sure 4 blunts a day for 730 days straight didn’t help, but from what I remember I had a lot of fun and I was happy unless I was at home with my family so I’m gonna say maybe it was a mix of the two. I also started smoking weed heavily after a toxic breakup so weed and I have an awesome track history. I love weed and its my best friend and that’s kind of a scary thing to say about drugs which is why I’m enjoying seeing what life is like without it.

Well I’m over that bad breakup phase and I’m weed free so I’d like to think I was just strong the first time and the weed made the ride less bumpy and I do miss my best friend sometimes lol. I’m going to take this time to be outspoken on my blog and say that’d I’ve never done any other drug ever except a little lean freshmen year in college, but I’m not counting that because I also just smoked a little party weed then too. My drug of choice then was vodka, which is my sworn enemy now.

So I had an awesommmmmmme day at work yesterday and I tool the day off to stop by my aunt’s house and pick up some more of my things and treat myself to dinner. While I was at dinner I had some sort of relaxing drink called Kava. The owner claims the kava gives you this drug like feeling, but I’ve had a little before, I’ve just never had it off of weed or liquor. So it’s kind of like a tea/coffee drink, but it makes your moth feel really numb and its recommended that you down the whole cup of it instantly. I was super curious since I’m totally sober an I just wanted to give it a shot like what the heck. So I down about 8 oz of it and it instantly makes my mouth feel numb. I’m still very skeptical because weed is my drug of choice and I just love her so much :). Nothing else, I don’t even drink liquor when I smoke weed because that’s disrespectful. However after i drunk this kava it gave me the same feeling i got the first time I smoked weed alone in the park. I felt happy, free, a little sleep, but highly creative. I also didn’t have a care in the world  about my worries which is code for this annoying relationship I’m trying to rid myself of. I mean we don’t talk and I have male acquaintances, but you guys know that little annoying feeling I’m talking about lol. I’m actually laughing about it right now. I know I’m high when I listen to house music too.

I also haven’t had a drink today, but the only questions I have for Kava is how long does it last and what do you feel like afterwards. I guess I feel it going away now, but I was a huge weed smoker so maybe this isn’t enough drugs for me ;). I thinkkkkkk maybe drugs just aren’t for me though because I tell everyone I have an addictive personality. Everything has to be all or nothing with me. Like when I like something I love it or when I hate it I can’t stand it. Call me a gluten for pain, but I’m gonna go have some more kava tomorrow and I’ll let you guys know what’s poppin, but so far so good. I’m not sure if I wan to call this a drug though so if you guys have every had kava let me know what your take on it is.


Kava: Derived from a Kavalactone plant and served in drink form as a hot or cold tea.

Also: Kava is sedating and is primarily consumed to relax without disrupting mental clarity. Its evidence concluded it was likely to be more effective than placebo at treating short-term social anxiety.  (And I love a good placebo) 

All in all I highly recommend anything that naturally treats depression, because lets face it a lot of us have it and I’m very much against western pharmaceuticals so I will continue to cure myself through food and natural medicines. I’m really really sleepy/meditative state right now btw lol


Stripper Notes 14a.jpgStripper Notes 14


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