Elevation Requires Separation

When I told my aunt I was leaving out I was already settled in, but I still felt guilty about telling her which is why I gave her money and a photo album just to show her I appreciated her. I’m glad I told her when I was all moved out, because she did exactly what I though she would do and that’s question my abilities and basically doubt me. I told her to use the money to put down on a car and I hope she does that, because I know she misses her freedom. I still feel a litle guilty, but every time I go back home or talk to some older person in my family I’m more and more happy about moving out. Its no wonder I suffered depression and anxiety because my family is so negative. I literally feel 12 thousand tons of weight off of my shoulders when I am away from them. I do feel bad about kind of leaving them behind, but I can’t make anyone live their life to the fullest and it would be horrible f I held myself back for people who never really made me happy and don’t even love themselves enough to see that thy deserve happiness too.

My aunt I refer to is actually my great aunt and my other aunt is my mom’s sister who is the definition of a toxic and jealous older sister. I can now see that she probably learned that behavior from my great aunt,  and that’s why its dangerous to enable people. It does suck that they never supported any thing I did like come to my fashion shows or watch any of the television shows I’ve been on, but it only showed me that those people don’t even deserve to be in my life. When I meet amazing people who also recognize my awesomeness I actually can’t believe they think I’m so special, because if they told my family any of that a pin dropping the floor could probably break the silence. I know I shouldn’t care what my family thinks of me and my life choices and maybe one day I’ll be so far ahead of them i won’t remember the time that did care, but they’ll always be my family and there is no doubting that.

All in all I’m very happy with my living situation right now and I look forward to becoming a great person without them My french teacher who adores me always tells me that “It takes stamina to be an adult” and I couldn’t agree more. It sucks that you have to be one of those Oprah or Kanye West type people for your family to appreciate you , but at that point they only want to use you and that’s no way to feel about your family. One thing is for sure “Elevation requires separation” So make sure you separate from the right people and surround yourself around people who are worthy of your time which is also a trying task.

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