What It Takes To Be a Successful Stripper

  • First of all, don’t listen to the haters. Don’t be surprised if you go around telling all of your friends that you want to strip and they don’t support you. This is your choice and you can’t look to others for that kind of personal support.

  • If you are old enough to be a stripper then you should be responsible with your money, because it can go away as soon as you make it if you don’t have a plan to invest it into something that will grow. I’m thinking of how I can gain residual income and its not as easy as I want it to be, but with no struggle there is no success. 

  • You also need to be able to be your own boss which means making a schedule and sticking to it. Yes you can have off days, but if you get lazy you will see yourself becoming desperate. You don’t want to panic and resort to doing crazy things for money all because you were irresponsible with your time. 

  • You should remember that fast money is good, but steady money is great. 

  • Finally the most important thing to remember is to get like Drake know yourself, be comfortable with who you are, how you look and what you believe in as a person. There will be some people who will make you feel like crap some days. You have to be string enough to walk away and know that it probably has nothing to do with you and everything to do with that person. Please believe me when I say you will meet some amazing people who will make you feel like the goddess you are, but don’t always look to other people to tell you that, because this is the real world not your mama’s house. 

  • One thing a lot of strippers also do is neglect their personal lives because work is so hectic. Its like partying everyday, but you can still maintain a relationship if you’re determined and don’t let the lifestyle get to your head.  Just do normal things when you are not at work like enjoy nature, and be creative. A lot of strippers also probably suffer from low self esteem and enjoy the job a little bit too much in all areas of life and forget that they are also growing older like any normal human does. Don’t be that scorned stripper its just tactless.  


  1.  Make a schedule and stick to it! SAVE, PLAN, and INVEST. Don’t be afraid to plan for your life, because the time is going to pass by whether you are prepared or not, so its better to be prepared. 

  2. Stick to a routine like days you go to the grocery store, studying, shop, hang out with friends and family and take days off. There is no such thing as multitasking, your just taking time away from important things you NEED to get done. 

  3. Be confident and always love yourself because when your stripping these men will say they love you, but they really love their wives. ( I need to highlight this whole sentence

  4. Don’t let the rejection tear you down, know that you are beautiful and you will have more good days than bad as long as you are strong minded and confident. 

  5. I also feel like its important to say you don’t have to go to work to meet tons of friends. As we all know its hard to find a GOOD QUALITY friend so be careful who you allow to be apart of your life. Sometimes people can put on a good front for a long time and their real personalities can be shocking once you really know them.  I have only met one quality stripper in the 5 months I’ve  worked with hundreds of strippers in the time being. Think about those statistics 

  6. Another fun thing I will add as a reminder is don’t be afraid to switch up your look. I enjoy changing my hair and buying new outfits for work within reason of course. I don’t buy a new outfit everyday, but when I do I make sure I get one that I will love. Your a stripper not a nun so you don’t have to be modest with your look if you don’t want to be. You can be as glittery or as classy as you want depending on how you feel that day. 

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