Seduction Through Scent

So as many of my amazing readers know I have recently moved out of my family’s home. I come from a very restrictive family where they don’t burn incense or candles if they want to smell something good they may spay some air freshener which I think is kind of gross and unhealthy. My mom did used to burn incense when I was a young child, but she hasn’t done that in years. I remember a few years ago when I had a friend who burned candles all day in her home and I was amazed about unfearful she was of the candles, because my family is the complete opposite. They fear anything and everything its kind of sad to me that they restrict themselves so much and they don’t realize how happy something so simple could make them.

For the past few days I’ve been burning candles all day while I’m here and all night while I sleep and the most wonderful thing was a surprise to me. I’ve never known what it feels like  to come home to an amazing smelling place, because like I said before my family are kind of hoarders which is every young woman in my family’s biggest fear. I researched hoarding a lot to try and understand what goes on in the mind of a hoarder, because I grew up this way and it was embarrassing, but it was also kind of normal to me. My car is even constantly a mess and I love my car, but when my car is clean I do feel much better.

There is so much seduction in scents because one thing I’ve learned is a smell is not just a smell, but its a memory. When I come home I’m super pleasantly surprised and I love it. Now I want to find I’m going to find a really warm scent that I really would love to come home and relax to. I prefer sensual musky scents personally such as Black Amethyst, Warm Vanilla and even Frankincense. I’m going to start making my own beeswax candles with many essential oils so I can be pleasantly invited into my home everyday. I don’t wear much perfume, but I do enjoy perfume for myself from time to time, but I’m a wild animal most days and even wear deodorant because I don’t feel like its very healthy. I do enjoy my natural scent, but a synthetic smell is nice sometimes too. I do however love those people who have a signature scent and every time I smell them they just have a heavenly aroma.


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