Burnt Out

So you guys know I’m having a great week aside from the little pitfalls that happened losing my wallet and getting pulled over. I’ve been so blessed I really need to respect when my body needs rest so I can have many more good days to come. Yesterday I found my lost wallet with lots of cash in it and got pulled over for something that I should have gotten arrested and had my car impounded for according to a clerk at the Tax Commissioners office.

Today I got up ran a few errands with the most important being paying this fine that I got pulled over for because I was really blessed that it did not escalate because it could have. Sometimes I have this sense of entitlement because I’m so independent and I forget how quickly I can be humbled. I payed the fine and now everything is right again. I also ran a few errands, did a little grocery shopping and bought a little liquor which is now becoming a little weird to me because I haven’t drank so much liquor in years, but honestly I like it lol. Even the most serious people can have a little fun right?

I also bought a card for my little cousin who is 8 years old her mom just had a new baby and she is adjusting to a new life since she’s been the only one for a long time. I also bought her some flower seeds so she can have something else creative and productive to do to go along with her busy 8 year old life. She’s so cute and I really love her I want her to have the happiest childhood ever. The kids in my generation had a little bit of our childhood taken away and I want to make sure she’s as kiddy as possible and enjoys doing kid stuff and also remembers that the family loves her soooooo much because we do, the older people in my family just don’t know how to show it as much. I also bought a Thank You card for the woman I got my desk & chair from because she was giving it away for free and I want to really want to show her that I appreciate it so much even though she didn’t need it I’m still very grateful so I will also put some sort of Gift Card in it, I’m thinking Victoria Secret. MAC, Forever 21, Ross, Walmart or just a Gas Card. Everyone needs to feel appreciated especially women because we work hard and it doesn’t go noticed as much as I think it should.

By the time I was done with all this my mind was racing on the way home and I know I desperately needed a nap before work, but 1.5 hours wouldn’t be enough which is all the time I had. I had to be to work dressed and ready by 8:00 which is a night shift and that’s fine, but it would’ve thrown off my schedule. A really nice man I met last week asked me “which is more important respect or money?” Of course I need the money because I have bills and they don’t pay themselves on top of this fine I just paid and my everyday miscellaneous expenses. Moreover I have planned out daily goals that I need to reach. At the same time I need to remember to respect my body and mind as much as I respect making money, because if I don’t have sound health then that could really affect my money negatively. I hadn’t planned on taking a break, but when I woke up I felt so great and getting out of bed and going to work would cost me more money in late house fees and I just didn’t feel like going mentally. Yesterday I  worked up the strength mentally to go all day, but today I didn’t do that as much and I was honestly just burnt out from the day before yesterday as well as yesterday so I really needed this off day. Ugh I can be a real workaholic sometimes which I don’t mind because sometimes I can be a real procrastinator, but tomorrow will be a good day and I will be well rested and ready to have fun. I’ll probably work a double shift just to feel more productive, but I will also eat accordingly, get some good rest and I won’t run anymore errand except for just getting food and candles after work! For breakfast I’ll eat sweet potatoes and cheese eggs with some hot tea and go to work super charged!

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