Soooo My Wig Came Off While I Was Dancing! …. And I put It Back On lol

I think this is the funniest thing that could ever happen to anyone and it also seems like every thing seems to always happen to me lol. If anything embarrassing can happen I guarantee I’m the one its gonna happen to so I’ve learned to just be a good sport and continue to have fun. I have a short hair cut and I like to switch my look up sometimes so I have a few wigs in my arsenal. I’m not like other women who are ashamed of their real hair because I know I can be beautiful with any look I choose to rock. I think its really sad that some women are full grown adults and still ashamed of their natural hair, skin and bodies.

So this one guy pays me to dance for his friend and I guess I’m so tipsy I don’t realize my wig is slipping off…. ugh I love that wig too its so cute lol. I look over in the mirror and it seems like it happens in slow motion, but I just popped it right back on and laughed it off. I’m not sure if that offended this one girl or if I said something that offended her, but I went over to her to laugh about it and she gets upset which was weird. I didn’t give af actually. I continued to walk around and make my money while I noticed a lot of women were complaining about it not being busy. I literally didn’t care because I was making money off of everybody in there. Why let something so dumb ruin my night especially since I’m not close friends with any of those women. I don’t even have anyone’s phone number in there because idgaf about making friends there. Yes I know I’m a stripper, but I don’t want to be influenced by the lifestyle. I like to be a regular person once I leave which is probably why I can brush off that funny situation. Also the best revenge is living well and being happy which I continued to do and I had an awesome night.

Now I’m not sure If I drunkenly said something to offend this girl I work with because she is a nice girl or at least I thought she was. I don’t have time for people with no sense of humor and fragile feelings because we’re strippers baby so you might as well put on your big girl panties and stop taking stripping more serious than you take your own self esteem. Stripping is just my life for a moment in time, but I will always be true to myself. I also don’t have to beg grown women to like me and be friends with me because they are not the ones buying dances from me #Bloop.

Like I said in my other posts about social media everyone wants to look so perfect they forget we are all human under the glittery clothes, fake hair and makeup. I bet $10 she went home and told someone this story, but I didn’t because I have better things to do with my life….. like make another wig

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