Left My Wallet At Work

Now this is something that could have ruined my night like after everything this is the one thing that could have really really ruined my night. I drive 30 minutes to the bank and when I get there I can’t find my wallet! I remain calm, but then I realize I really can’t find my wallet! I made so much money last night and just losing it all was about to send into 1939 Great Depression mode. I don’t have time to let negative thoughts enter my mind so I just start thinking about how I may have to put my big girl panties on and start from square one and make the money the next day which would have exhausted me even more! The only thing I could do was drive 30 minutes back to work to see if miracles really did exist and yes they do. I left work at 12:15 in the morning and its about 1:15 when I get there, but I’m determined. I walk in and ask the hostess if someone has turned my wallet in and she no, then I go straight to the back look in my locker and there’s no wallet there, but I’m still calm because I don’t have time to be freaking out. Now I ask the house mom if she has seen my wallet and YES she has it! Omg I’m so elated right now and I’m just very happy because at this point I don’t need anything like this happening to me. I have goals and I can’t handle a set back like this. I’m so happy so I pay her for returning it and she gives it to the girl that turns it in and I give her a big hug because I’m an affectionate person for people like that. I will forever be really nice to this girl and if I have something from now on she also has it.  I will also tip the house mom accordingly because she’s so beautiful and sweet. There are some great people in this world. I’m so tired from all of tonight’s shenanigans so I skip the bank and I’m just ready to go home.

One comment

  1. Claudia Hernandez · April 13, 2016

    I’m very glad you found your wallet! There are still good people in this world 🙂

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