After All Of Tonight’s Drama Now I See Blue Lights In My Rear View

Its about 2:00 in the morning at this point and I’m 10 minutes away from my home and there are barely people on the road. A cop starts following me, but I really don’t care at this point because I’m just ready for whatever and I have no reason to think negatively. First of all cops are so unintelligent to me, but whatever I guess everyone needs a job so I can’t knock it, but I’m really sick of them harassing the public for dumb  traffic charges.

He tells me that my registration is suspended because I had a lapse in my insurance. WTF I swear to everything I love I will retire in another country because the U.S. is a seriously indecent country and the way they treat their tax paying citizens is unjust. They will not eat off of any taxes I’ll earn for the duration of my life because I get no fair treatment in this country.  They come up with all these bogus laws that you may not even be aware of just so they can pull you over, charge you fines and interrogate your personal privacy! The cop was trying to tell me all this mumbo jumbo about how i can’t drive around on an uninsured car, duh dumb a** that’s why my car has insurance on it! I’m going to pay this fine today and just appear in court to resolve it, because they just capitalize off of making people feel irresponsible for not paying bogus fines that pay the evil law makers salary. They also make money off people not appearing in court and charge then $100 for a Failure To Appear, then arrest you and make you pay the bail, then turn around and STILL charge you fines for the charge! So yes I will pay this bogus fine and show up in court because half of these unintelligent cops don’t know the law themselves. Truth be told I did get off a little easy because it could’ve been so much worse, but all I can do is live and learn.


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