Why I No Longer Indulge In Social Media pt. 3

So in my last blog post I left a horrible relationship and  I didn’t mention that I also bashed him on my Instagram account. This was definitely rick bottom lol. Ok so I became friends with a girl and she fueled my love of business, but at this point I never realized business ownership was even a real job as crazy as this sounds. I’ve had be own business since I was 15 years old and I’ve probably had about 20+ business ventures sine then. At that point business was always a hobby for me and the money was a sweet plus. I swore off social media, but them I discovered another craze “Social Media Business/Marketing”. This gives the illusion of some get rich quick way to productively use social media for any type of business and that also isn’t true.

Social Media business is just for people who also want to give off the illusion that they are more successful then they really are, but all they really have to do is post up some fictitious posts about “business”. Just because someone posts something on social media daily about how successful their business is doing doesn’t make it true. Furthermore all that does is give off an illusion to other people who don’t have the balls to do anything with their lives or are also lost and don’t know what to do. Its crazy how my generation even found a way to create fake careers through the evolution of social media lol.

Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with doing some marketing and advertising on a legitimate business that you worked hard on to build,but I’m referring to these multi-level marketing careers that only requires you to make a small investment of $100 to be apart of. I did one of these businesses just to see what real business ownership was like and all I learned was I was already a real business owner without this company and they were simply using e to be another number and paid subscriber. The social media work was also time consuming, tedious and too similar to other people in the network. All I was doing was helping someone else grow there business which is fine, but I gained no real reward for all the time I was putting into the business. I did learn a few things about business, but all together it just wasn’t a path that was for me. I also have very different views on business personally and I’m glad I am able to think for myself.

By marketing solely on social media I had to make my life look so happy and perfect and that got very annoying also because in actuality I was stressed out with school, my personal life and more annoyingly my family. Social media did allow me to see many opportunities through networking and jobs, but overall it was an exhausting race that I was just tired of. If you really want to be successful and something then you need to get off of social media and practice some applied faith.

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