Why I No Longer Indulge In Social Media pt.2

When I was 22 years old I had just gotten out of a 100% toxic relationship with a guy who did nothing, but suck all the positive life out of me. He still lived with his ex-girlfriend which I didn’t know until a few months into the relationship, he didn’t have a car which made me the taxi for everything and more than anything this guy was super addicted to Instagram. I’m that girlfriend who loves to spend time in nature with my boyfriend and do anything creative with him. I made my ex into my arts & crafts whore and I think he totally loved me bringing out this side of him because he’s just so idk lol. This new guy however used to ask me to take pictures of him so he could upload them to his Instagram and nowhere in these pictures did he even mention that I was there! He’d just post some cryptic caption to make it seem like he was living this cool random life in nature when it was actually me who introduced him to being in nature. He’s the type of person who stands in nature just to wait on someone to “randomly” run into so he can talk about how much he loves nature lmao. So f*ckin weird. My life is actually so hectic I craze those moments alone I can spend in nature enjoying the day light and seeing the sun illuminate this naturally beautiful earth.

This guy was also the type of guy who could be in a hidden relationship so beware of men who love social media, because chances are they aren’t the most honest people. I spent so much physical time with this guy and he still found the time to basically cheat on me through social media. He even knew how good of a person I was and he knew what he lost when he lost me as I’m sure many men do. Being in a relationship with this guy also caused me to indulge in social media even more because I felt like we were in some sort of a competition. If I saw him post a picture and communicate with women under the picture, of course I had the right to do the exact same thing. I would post beautiful pictures of myself and like clockwork the other social media zombie men would take the bait. This made him jealous and I don’t think he was used to being with such a a bold woman so this set our “relationship” on fire. He grew super jealous and emotional all because I was giving him a taste of his own medicine and this wasn’t healthy for me mentally either. Just the fact that I could make him angry was satisfying to me.

I always knew social media was bad, but this completely changed the way I felt about social media forever. I didn’t completely leave social media, but after that encounter with him I vowed it was the devil. I see a lot of qualities in other men on social media that I saw in him and it makes me sad for the women involved naturally because that is my view on the situation.

After I completely ended things with him and moved on with my life it became completely clear to me that this man was crazy lol. He is irresponsible and stalked me on social media and still probably stalks what’s left of my existence there. He’ll never be happy because he can’t be alone and if he doesn’t want to be alone then he needs to learn to respect the woman or women he chooses to have in his life by at least being honest with them about who he really is. Social media makes you want to hide your flaws, but that is so unhealthy because we all have them and they aren’t going away unless we embrace them and accept them. I know what makes him sad is the fact that we had some real life good times together and his addiction to social media ruined that as well has changed the way I think about social media as well.


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